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Where did that sweet little girl go

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I still remember the day I met her. Sweet, sassy little 4yo. She never stopped talking and followed me everywhere. However she has always been demanding and  completely draining. She exhausted me, however determined to be the best stepmom ever, I never complained. (@first)

Fast forward six years or so, she hates me, her Dad, she lies, steals, is making very bad choices, receiving detentions in school, she lives in the Principles office. She has threatened her friends lives. She went into detail on a social media site about her plans to get a gun and kill me and her Dad and a friend who made her mad. This got her put into a mental hospital, and placed on suicide watch after admitting she wanted to kill herself. She was cutting on her body and in a constant bad mood. When asked why she wanted to kill me, she said bc she changed my (Snapchat) password. We share fifty/fifty custody with her Mom. (This is another story in itself) I even taught sd to ride a two wheel bike, bc she trusted me “not to let go” ... I could ramble on forever but I want. I do love her, but I don’t like her. I don’t trust her and I’m done with the disrespect. We have to search her bags when arriving at our house and leaving bc she takes things that don’t belong to her. 

I’m so glad I found this place. I don’t feel so alone in my misery...


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has major problems. I  Hope for you the mental hospital helped and has her on meds.  It’s going to be a long road.

And remember her Dad, your SO is probably feeling guilty about his part in making his DD 

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I'm willing to bet that somewhere in her family tree, there's some batty relatives. 

You can't fix bad genes, and it sounds as if this skid has defective wiring. I'm so sorry.

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Either my math is very bad, or this stuff is all going on at age TEN?! 

I'm sorry you are going through this.  What is the story with both of her parents and how they've parented her? Most likely, the reasons for some of this lie there. Why is she using Snapchat at all at age 10?

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I’ve always thought it interesting that grown up always chalk being a sassy toddler as cute but when they’re older they’re considered demanding. I mean your kid has a lot more issues than that but it just popped out to me while reading. This is just one of those situations where you can put 110% into something and it still not come out as expected. Sure it could be genetics but it’s probably a little bit of genetics, parenting, today’s society and teens all wrapped into one. 

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I've always thought the same when "parents" post videos of their "sassy" little ones. It's not cute. It's not adorable. Your kid is a brat!!

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Agreed. There was a viral video of a little girl shaking her finger and ranting that she was "movin' on" as her mother filmed her and giggled. Good luck with your friendchild, madam.