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It’s been a while ....

We haven’t seen sd 11, all summer (why) bc this wicked little girl called CPS on us AGAIN! This time they showed up at our house in the middle of the night with the police. It seems “this time” she had a friend call them for her to report we were beating her ?!? Anyway, to make a long story short. Both cases were unfounded and dropped. SD is mentally ill and has spent time in a mental hospital twice (she’s 11) Her Mom has stopped bringing her to her doctor/therapist and isn’t giving her medication because she saids “she don’t need it” This child has been suspended from school, numerous times, steals, lies .... I could go on and on but I’m sure you all get the picture. 


Let me just say this. I helped my husband raise his daughter up until now. Eight years of my life I spent taking care of this child. Done!! & y’all know what ..... it feels WONDERFUL !!!


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How long has it been since your DH has seen her? Is he not concerned for her physical well-being, being mentally unwell and BM having moved away, correct? 

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Bio mum has a lot to answer for. If she is in that much denial maybe she has mental illness too. You can’t reason with these people. Maybe your partner could arrange to take step daughter to the drs to check she is on the correct medication. 

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Wouldn't matter if he did.  For one, he's not seeing the kid.  For another, even if he were seeing her and could take her to a doctor, BM wouldn't give her any meds.  BM doesn't think she needs them.  

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OP, be prepared for BM to lose custody and/or get sick of dealing with SD and for DH to be pulled back in. BM is clearly neglected her mental health needs. 

I’m sorry you are dealing with this, it must be hard. 

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There is no good resolution on a situation like this. The 1st call to CPS would have been it for me. You stuck it out longer than I think I could have. 

I think your DH still needs to be involved, but you certainly don't. I don't know what level of involvement your DH can have other than going to her to visit from time to time (probably supervised for his own safety), and making himself available on the phone and making an effort to talk to her... but other than that, BM is just perpetuating SD's issues. Feeding them. SD is going to have a very sad and traumatic life. I see major addiction issues in her future for some reason.

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The kid would be band from my home.  I would be totally disengage from her.  I don’t roll that way. SD that way from BM. Let her handle it