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Another gift giving question...

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How do I tell my DH I don’t want to give his son a gift? I think of gift giving as a “want to” not a “have to” and I honestly don’t want to. I don’t think he should receive a present from someone that he doesn’t “respect” or “like”. 

And if I don’t give a gift to SS, can I still give one to SD? She’s been nothing but sweet and respectful. 

It Can Be Done

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I am the BM to two girls, now 16 & 14. Their father and I have not been together since they were 7 & 5. He and I get along great. We truly co-parent. When one child would attempt to pit us against each other we would call the other to verify the story. It only took a few times of being caught in a lie and paying the price for it before that behavior stopped. We customized our custody agreement to fit our work schedules. This resulted in a 40/60 split in physically caring for the children. I am the 40. Because of this I was deemed responsible to pay child support.



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A quick run down of the abbreviations used please. I’ve figured out a few but if you’ve got the time I’d appreciate the education. 

Obviously I’m new here but so appreciative of the community. This forum is amazing!