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SKIDS away is like mini stay-cay

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Last week before the skids went back to their mom’s they told us that they were going on a mini vacation with their grandmother (BMs mom). They had casually mentioned it a while back but there were no solid plans. Then literally hours before walking out the door for a long weekend with their BM (we swapped some days so we weren’t going to see them for 5 days) they say “Oh, by the way, our vacation with grandma is Sunday through Wednesday.” Monday and Tuesday were supposed to be our days. Nobody even mentioned this or offered to trade. At first it really chapped my a** because we were getting screwed out of two of our days so the skids could do something with BMs family. If it were the other way around, BM would have had a fit if we didn’t trade days. So, I asked DH if he was going to say anything about. He said he planned to (he was p*ssed too). Aaaaaand he never said a thing.

So now it has been 7 days since the skids have been here and honestly, I couldn’t give a sh*t. It’s been nice, really. Things are so hectic when they’re around. The littles get riled up and set my nerves on edge because they want to play with their older siblings. The skids either agree to play and get them even more riled up or hide in their rooms in the basement playing on their phones and sleeping - in other words, being utterly useless and lazy. Drives me BONKERS.

I used to really like these skids. I’ve known them since they were 4 and 5. I’ve tried so hard to be a good stepmom and have a relationship with them but now that they are teenagers, it’s like I hardly know them anymore. They’re just ghosts drifting through my house, draining my bank account.

Maybe I’ll get struck by lightning for saying it but I am already counting the days until they both go off to college and we see them even more rarely.


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Period, end of discussion. WEll, no not really end of discussion.

I have no bios, and Munchkin SD13 is sweet and pretty chill and quiet. But she takes time and attention and when she wants something she just expects it to appear, because thats how its always ben. She has no chores, shes bad with being on her phone constantly. ALthough to her credit she doesnt do her phone at the dinner table.

But, I do look forward to time when she is not there. Because I dont have to give her energy. Dont have that other person in the house. I can walk around in my underwear, or naked.

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oh I jump for joy when BM takes skids out of town for several days. It's completely different exisistence in my home. I go into fight or flight the moment skids walk in my door.....

I'm with you....I've been counting down the days until college....2 more  years for one and 6 years for the other. Although, I think the younger one will be completely PAS's once her big sister goes to college but that is a big "if"....*sigh**

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I have recently rebranded the time when the skids aren't here - I call it VACATION.  Even if we are at home.  It is still a joyous relief (for me) and my DH and I get to do a bunch of fun stuff (that we never do when the skids are here).  So...enjoy your vacation!  (I'm trying also to make it seem like when the skids are here it isn't too bad. Like, "well, I'll have a vacation in 4")