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Can you maintain a relationship living separately due to stepchildren

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So we've been trying this blended fam thing and it's not working. His 6 year old twin girls physically and verbally attack my 3 yr old and have at times attacked DH and myself. 

He now has even more custody. Every school holidays. His place is only 3 bedroom and during the holidays we have 8 kids. We have 2 with us permanently. Both mine 16 girl and 3 yr girl. Never any dramas. 

When my bio kids come when his kids aren't here we have no drama. 

Struggling with 6yr old twin stepdaughter

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Hi guys

1st time poster.

Quick run down.  I have 6 Bio. Ages 27 down to 3. 

Partner has 4 children 12, 9, and twin 6 yrs.

I get on fabulous with the boys 12 and 9. Have small moments with 1 twin but generally ok. The other twin.  Not at all.

I have 2 rules.  We don't yell in our house and we share.  She can't do either. I've tried rewarding not yelling and in yelling I mean blood curdkung screaming at siblings and parents. She's constantly telling me how much she hates me and my 3yr old bio.