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Kids Mom Had "diluted" Drug Screen

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My bf took his ex to court last week and she had to take a drug test. The results came back as "diluted". I wasn't sure what this meant exactly, so I asked one of the pharmacists that I work with and she said that the ex either drank a bunch of fluids before the test to try to make a negative result or she actually added water to the sample in the bathroom. There are a few other more scientific reasons whey the test could have came back diluted, but knowing what I know about this woman, I'm sure she has tried to make her results show negative.
The judge's secretary called my bf today and told him that his ex was called in to take another test this morning. We are sure she won't be able to pass the test since it was random and she didn't have time to prepare. Then again, she was called before noon and came in for the test around 2:30, so she could have stopped to get something to put in her results, whatever that might be.
Has anyone experienced this?
NOw, I'm anxious about what will happen with the kids.


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I don't know how it is set up, but when I do drug testing for work (hospital) you go to a bathroom with no sink and you can't take anything with you and you are patted down before you go in. You also can't flush the toilet inside the room, the button is on the outside wall. The toilet water also has a funky color to it so it is visible if water was taken from it. If she was able to dilute it by adding something to it, whoever is doing it is not doing a good job at maintaining accuracy....

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We have random drug tests and a girl I know failed because of to much nitrates. Which is usually caused by either a uti or putting something in the urine. She had to retest and when they did this they had her in a bathroom with someone and she had to pull her shirt up turn around and basically show everything to prove she had nothing on her. They also stayed in the bathroom while she urinated.

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Most courts, when a test is administered, the person testing is accompanied by a bailiff in the bathroom. If this is how they did it, she wouldn't have been able to add water to the actual test. However, if she was aware she was going to be tested, drinking tons of water will dilute the other components in the urine, & the test will come back as having been tampered with. A lot of the court tests will pick up on other products that are commonly used to "flush" drugs from the system. Most courts, though, if a sample comes back having been tampered with, it's an automatic fail. I believe that if a court allows a retest, it's typically done again before the person leaves the within hours. They will wait a couple of hours, because the products people use to "flush" the system don't actually flush it. They prevent the toxins from entering the urine stream after a certain amount of time, & for a certain amount of time. After that hour or 2 passes, the toxins (drugs) will show up in the urine again.

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I'm not sure if a bailiff or someone else escorted her to the bathroom because I was in the waiting area. I have taken drug tests before and experienced the same sink, can't flush, etc. She did know of the court date (of course..she was there) and she was also aware that she was probably going to be tested, so she had time to prepare. I think she tried to use something to flush out her system. Then again, my bf and I talked about the fact that she knew the possibility of being tested was there. We realized that she is probably so dependent on pills that she can't even go a week without them. All she had to do to pass the test was keep away from the pills for a few days. The drugs would have been out of her system by the time she was in court and she wouldn't have anything to worry about.
Another thing...her drivers license is suspended and has been for a while. The judge brought it up to her and she said she didn't know they were suspended, even though she signed for the notice by registered mail. He told her that she needed to take care of it and she told him she would pay the fine or whatever that same day. Where we are, you can check online to see the status of your drivers license. My bf has her license number so we looked and they are still suspended...shocker.
Everything she said in court was a lie. She lied about the utility bills being turned off at the home (happens every month). She lied about embezzling money from the kids little league (real classy, huh?). She lied about committing insurance fraud when she turned in a claim on the home owners insurance and got the check, but never fixed the A/C unit on the home. The kids have been without A/C all summer and we've had 100 degree temps! She spent the money!! We served subpoenas to gather all of this information and the judge acted like it was nothing! Now, my bf has a guardian at litem assigned to review the case. One of our friends, an attorney, told us that the judge did this because he doesn't want to make a decision. He wants the guardian to tell him how to decide. That is great because this is the same guardian that was assigned to my bf's kids before and she didn't really dig deep enough to find all of the information that I found by serving the subpoenas. Yes, that's right, I am the one that told him to get the subpoena's and I am the person that served them to get the information he needed. Now, he has proof that she is doing what she is doing. But, what else is there that we don't know about?