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The Shit You DIDNT sign up for

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DH just got BMs statement.

She shows a $5500 deficit per month. Just absurd expenses.
$600 A MONTH for books/school fees
$750 A MONTH for tuition (he's in public school)
$220 A MONTH or school lunches (I spend less than that for TWO TEENS)

In all she's attributing nearly $2700 per month exclusively to SS8


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This is her statement for CS modification hearing coming up. No she has a $400 food expense then a separate $220 school lunch expense. If your 8 year old is spending $10/day on lunch that's an issue!

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DH has a very vicious lady lawyer. She would tear BM UP if she tried to submit something ignorant like this.

Luckily on our state CS is just income based - daycare & insurance costs can get you a credit though.

BM once tried to cite SD's daycare costs. BM received free daycare from the state, but to hold SD's spot when she came for her 3 week visit she had to pay like 200 bucks. Ok w/e. While SD was here, we paid 110 a week for daycare, 330 dollars. Yet she wanted DH to pay 1/2 of her 'holding fee'.

Oddly enough she never asked to pay 1/2 of her daycare expenses when SD was here.

Anyways, the lawyer laughed when she asked for that money & was like "SHE'S ON __________" (name of welfare program for free daycare). Judge threw it out immediately didn't even let her explain.

I'd just make sure your lawyer knew to point out that your ss is in PUBLIC school so she isn't paying tuition OR books & that school lunches are ______ a day... I think here they are like $2.25.

Also we pay $400 a month for food for TWO GROWN adults in this house. So she needs to quit lying.

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I read this and thought I hope there's room on that island for men who don't pay CS or lie in order to get out of paying the correct amount of CS.

If such a place did exist, the idiots would just end up making more kids. :jawdrop:

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but if the deadbeat dads and lying bm's get together, then who will take care of their kids? because you know that they're going to get pregnant in about two months... three max.

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Yes, I have to say - given my current situation I don't think it's just mum's who screw around with CS.

My darling ex husband - so far since January 1 has paid a grand total of $106 in CS....

Nothing for the last oh - 5 months of last year, before that - I think he paid a grand total of about $1000 all of last year.....

But he is getting married in Italy this year, takes a lot of mini breaks and holidays, went to see Pink in concert (involved flying in to another state, 2 nights accom etc) I KNOW the SM pays for all that shit, but it still pisses me off to no end that we sit here struggling and can't afford fancy holidays or concerts, let alone Italian weddings because WE (my OH and I) are supporting 4 children...

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And where are you going on vacation with your $106.00? What an ass.

As much as I hated any money going to the BMs, I can proudly say my husband was not a deadbeat. He paid every penny until they were emancipated. Never late, never behind, never short.

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Do they issue them new books every month? I have 2 kids in public school (one in high school, one in middle school) and their YEARLY book/class fees are around $140 each for THE YEAR.

What school bills book/school fees monthly? I get one statement at the beginning of the school year and it has to be paid by Jan31st.