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Sick as a dog thanks to horrible parenting

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SD13 brought home a nasty flu this past weekend. Hardly unusual at this time of year. However, it appears that, because she is such a special little snowflake, her parents never bothered to teach her to cover her mouth when she coughs. Seriously - mouth wide open and arms firmly at her sides. Unbelievable!!!!

Granted, she DOES fart rainbows and marshmallows, so I am guessing that apparently her droplets of germ-infested spit and snot ARE gold-plated. However, I DON"T WANT THEM!!!

When I pointed out this insanity - really people - she is 13 - her father said that he would "get on her." Apparently, "now honey, you really should cover your mouth" counts as "getting on her!" She alternated between a half-hearted raising of the hand and reverting back to open mouth spewing for the rest of the weekend. And now I, SD14 and her father has it. But I should not be mad at the little darling - even though I have court all this week and am really going to make a good impression. Gee, your honor, (cough, hack, sniffle) my client should be sentenced to time served (sneeze) and minimal probation (snort, wheeze), don't you agree? Charming.....


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Snitchy picks at her herpe infested lips CONSTANTLY! And I'm the asshole for telling a 17 year old to stop picking at her nasty lips!

Go wash your hands! STOP PICKING! Put some Abreva on that shit! DON'T YOU DARE KISS YOUR DAAADDDYYYYYYYYYYY!

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ICK! Record her nasty behavior and post it to some kind of public networking site for all to see. This way her friends can see how nasty she is. Or act like she is a disease maybe it will embarrass her if you constantly spray her with Lysol!

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DH's kid brought us the flu for Christmas. She's actually pretty good about covering her mouth with her arm, but she's not the most hygienic kid in the world. She went home Christmas Eve, I came down with the flu that night, DH the next day. Sad