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This is funny-humor after a long stressful holiday

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I've noticed a strange phenomen(sp) here-the dogs!

I have a Golden, Max, as you know. H has a rat terrier. H's terrier is here when H is, but usually is with the skids at BM's. Because he tries to kill my cat.

So, I've been watching these dogs for awhile, and noticed something-and it's wierd. Now, I love animals. Including H's little dog. I have yet to meet an animal I did not love. But-these personality traits in these dogs mirror ours!

If I give the dogs both rawhide bones, H's isn't satisfied with his. He always, every single time, wants the one Max has. And Max just lets him take it, tho Max is 100 lbs, the terrier is 25 lbs. (now, I do not outweigh H physically. In fact, he weighs over twice what I weigh. But intellectually, I'm waaay ahead of H).

Max loves everyone. If I died, he'd be just fine, because he could easily take on a new family and love them. H's terrier is miserable without H. Max likes to be petted, but not coddled. H's dog wants to be held and coddled at all times. (I cannot stand smother love-H cannot stand it when he's not the center of attention at all times.)

Max is completely housebroken. Never makes a "mistake", except one time, when he was sick. And the look of embarassment on his face would make you laugh! H's terrier, on the other hand, pees
and poops whereever he likes, just makes sure he does it when you're not looking to aviod punishment. (I clean up after myself. H sits in the chair while I clean up everything.)

Max loves to play with squeaky toys. One will last him 6 months or longer-he just wants to squeak it and play catch. H's dog also loves squeaky toys. They last about a minute. His joy is in ripping it apart.(need I explain this one-um, I tried-past tense- to take care of my marriage-H tries ripping me apart).

How wierd is that?


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they do say that dogs resemble their humans. I wonder what Cesar Milan would have to say about that behavior! The terrier sounds like your SDs too!

That said, OMG how is it that animal is accepted into your house not housebroken!?! Ugh, so disgusting, I hope it's not ruining YOUR wall to wall/hard wood!!!!!

Please don't let your sweet Max be the one ostracized from the bed, tell H to lose a few and thereby make some room. How rude!

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein

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"To Thine Own Self Be True" William Shakesphere

He is the most neurotic little dog you've ever seen. He's scared of rain (I understand thunder, but just rain?), scared of snow, scared of the vaccum cleaner, scared of loud voices.

He has an intense fear of being left alone-he's fine here with Max if I run to the store, but H has left him alone in his PU when he ran into the store, and the dog chewed up everything he could find. He has torn down my drapes, scratched up the woodwork around the windon and decimated the houseplants when I ran over to see my folks for about 15 minutes. He's a handful.

Love the idea of telling H to lose the pounds-the doctor already told him to lose 50 lbs, but he continues to eat, eat, eat his way thru life. Eat and sit in the easy chair-that's H's style when he's home. It's just so much fun!

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well it does seem like those SDs mark their territory, much like the little rat, perhaps they should be out in the yard too....

See 50 pounds, that's more than 1/2 your doggie!!! PLENTY of room!

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein