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Anyone else read this?

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Steve Jobs' adult COD daughter inherited $20 BILLION and blasts the man in her memoir. Sm and Jobs' sister come out and say the SD's book is bullshit. BM chimes in that he was even worse than described.

I'm just floored. My mom is somewhat of a narcissist and we aren't close, but if she left me that kind of money, I think I'd let her memory rest in peace. Hell, I've already forgiven and moved on from my parents' divorce and my inheritance will be very modest.

Not that money should buy silence for abuse and horrible treatment, but the excerpts I've read from this book don't describe those kinds of things. They read like a bratty teenager complaining that daddy didn't install special heating in her room and he didn't tuck her in enough.



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I saw her interviewed on 60 Minutes (I think) just before the book came out.  

All I could think of was what an entitled brat she sounded like.

I am sure Jobs was a dick, as most who worked for him (including my sister-in-law) describe him as difficult, moody and unreasonable, but she's got the money now.  What's in it for her to bash him as well?


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Yeah, I've read that Jobs was a demanding boss, but he was wildly successful in his approach. I'm sure he made mistakes as a father, I just don't see the point in telling the world all about them decades later and after his death. The memoir tells me more about her lack of character than his. 

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Can you say bitter? My goodness. My skids better start learning to writing because they aren't getting squat if DH passes before me. Eh, they won't learn, BM taught them school is stupid and a waste of time. Thanks, BM! 

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$20 MILLION obviously is not enough for some people. Bloody pathetic. I doubt ANY amount of money will make this gal happy because (IMO) she's unhappy with herself.

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The wife got the 20 billion, not the daughter.  I've been following this story and Jobs ran from his responsibility for a long time and had to be forced to step up by a judge.  He rushed the case to be finished before Apple went public so he wouldn't have to pay more.  Plenty out there that have worked for and with him talk about how nasty he was.  



I wonder why the whole Jolie/Pitt story hasn't been posted about.  Is she crazy or not?  That's the question.  

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Whoops! You are right! The wife got the billions, and the SD got millions. That totally explains the bitterness!!

I did some more research. Turns out paternity wasn't established for several years, so yeah the man was smart not to just step up for his on and off again high school girlfiend living on welfare. And the bm STILL filed for bankruptcy after years of Jobs paying $4K a month in CS. Now, his daughter isn't much older than I am, so I know what a fortune that was in the 80s. How does one squander that kind of money and still call the man cheap? Greedy GUBM that's how. She played sperm roulette and hit the JACKPOT!!

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I make well less than that in a month and still haven't tried to file for bankruptcy... THE HE!! WAS SHE SPENDING IT ON?!?!

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I guess I can see why she might feel a lot of bitterness if the casual cruelty portrayed was even halfway true.  It must be incredibly difficult for a child who felt slighted and tossed aside for much of her life to see so many people hold her father up as a genius and great man... when she experienced the opposite.  Add to the fact that there will always be a morbid curiosity by the mass public, I'm not surprised the book was written.. seems part therapy... part financial gain on her part.  Would I have written it?  Not sure,  I didn't live her life.... and while we say.. "she got a lot of inheritance.. leave his memory be".. sometimes it's not all about the money..

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Did the SM recieve any inheritance? Did I read this wrong, all the inheritance went to BM and the poor me daughter? I understand that maybe her dadddy was an a** and she spent little time with him, not to mention this orphan had no heat in her tiny bedroom, and she stank because perhaps she also had no running water??

Seriously I hope she spends her millions on a good therapist and help her deal with her abandonment issues. FYI your cold and aloof daddy didnt have to leave you anything so you could live your life in comfort (hint buy a heater you have the cash now).