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When BM can't afford a phone card or internet anymore = PRICELESS.

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She only has the free phone now with limited minutes and texting. Amazing how much of her prior contact with DSO was complete BS now that she can only do it when necessary or an emergency.

The best part is that SS15 can't text 15 times a nite asking DSO to bring him $50, $20, or even $5 to go buy a pop or candy.


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...I'm also guessing that half the time that money was for BM to buy phone card or something she needed.

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Hahahaha! Love it! All those emergencies magically let up the moment her service was limited. Too funny!

And, sadly, you're probably right about the boy begging for money that's really for his mother.

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DSO doesn't encourage or engage her either. She just rambles on and on a lot, trying to get him to engage.