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DSO is going to try and make a man of SS20

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He is giving it a last shot.

W/o going into it for the millionth time, SS has his nose up momma and pappys ass so. They do nothing for the boy. SS wants to get a job so he can buy a car. SS helped Pappy and BM reroof the house and tile a bathroom. Pappy won't let SS drive BMs 15yo POS vehicle. SS got a job midnite shift, 15 miles from his house at newspaper office. Pappy gave him a bicycle to ride. SS got hit by car last week.

DSO and I keep our finances seperate but take from each other when short. I have no financial issues with him at all.

DSO gets large tax refund and that is our savings acct/play or bill expense stash. DSO just paid 3500 for repairs to my house. I am paying him half back little every month. It is his money and I appreciate him paying for trips, fun stuff and things we need.

DSO is buying SS a beater car, taxes, license (in boys name) and 6 months of insurance. He is going to have a long talk with the boy. This is so you can get a better job or 2 jobs and start growing up. Everything BM owns is Pappys. Pappy just remarried and is 74yo. Even if they got the POS shit house they live in, she gets minimum disability adn would never be able to pay utilities, let alone insurance and repairs.

I told DSO, you need to make that boy understand he has to stand on his own 2 feet or they will all be living in a homeless shelter. BM expects men are to take care of her...pappy, DSO, pappy again. It will be SS20s job to take care of the nasty bitch the rest of his life.


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The boy was trying to do that and got run over by a car. Missed 2 weeks of work, now has med bills and has no way to go to work at all. Buses don't run in rural areas that we all live in.

No, I know SS well enough that after 6 months, we will still be where he is now. DSO doesn't throw money at the skids. He is a tightwad, he just wants to give him a shot to get started.

I actually suggested it. I believe in giving them that 1 chance (did this with my DS and he is in good shape now). After that you help them if they are helping themselves.

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Sorry I disagree with you on this. I have 2 adult kids on their own with their own homes and families so I have BTDT and learned many lessons on the road.

Point of the car in the kids name only, DSO is not liable for anything. Period. Kid totals the car, DSO won't step in. Kid doesn't keep his job and can't pay for things. DSO won't step in.

I get the working, saving, responsibility and that is what DSO told him to do. Save up half the car and 6 months insurance. The people he lives with refuses to give him rides. We live in another town and work so can't transport a midnite shift job. SS is not allowed to live in MY house.

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I think giving him a car, getting him started is a good idea. I'd maybe tell him he needs to pay back part of it (not sure if that was your plan?) and maybe put that money into a savings account for him. The kid might break free of them someday and need some money to get himself started.