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Popcorn Time

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SD2 boyfriend  has just left her with the 5 kids, and the first person she calls is dear old dad. she told him that her ExBF is a deadbeat and he will not be seeing the kids and that she is in loads of debt as he "made her sign". And she needs help. They were the sort of people that had to have the latest thing but didnt work so everything was on credit.The hubs is terrible with money and we have completly seperate money so iam not worried about that.

He calls me to inform me of the above, and I remind him that I am disenaged from them and they have stated that they no longer want me in their lives.

I think that this will be feature film worthy.


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It seems like SD2 has inherited her father's lack of money competence!   My DH is very good with money, but I fear the kind of scenario above as being SD24's future.  She has never had a full time job (apart from now, as DH is employing her for 6 mths) and never takes responsibility for herself.  It's good you are able to take it all so calmly.  

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its more of amused, I can see what is coming [full on disney dad], and I am no longer on that train. I have made sure that i am busy for the next couple of weekends so I dont get pulled in, as I am a fixer.

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She has 5 kids with a dude that she isn't married to AND she told her DAD that she was going to keep them from their father?

Sounds like a movie to me!

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The hubs is terrible with money and we have completly seperate money so iam not worried about that.

I would be worried about it. DH and I have our money separate but if one of us blows through all of ours, it WILL affect the other, that's just how a partnership works.


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I mean terrible as what he earns he spends, he has no over draft as he knows what he is like but has no savings either so that money train isnt very long.

He has a direct debit that comes out of his account on payday for his half of the bills, and then what he has left he can spend to his hearts content - stopped all of the money arguements.

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If he has no savings, what happens when something happens? His car breaks down, something in the home needs replaced. YOU pay for it?

I guess if he has no extra money, he can't bail his daughter out, can he? She will have to learn the hard way. Oh, darn.

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She has 5 kids with him, so after the 1st or 2nd child she wasn't able to see he was a dead beat??? Yeah she needs to get her sh!t in order. Glad you've disengaged from this mess and it will be real interesting to see how your H handles this.

Extra butter please!

Dance 4

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he is acutally a great dad, takes them out walking, spends qaulity time with them at home, helps around the house. does all the parenty things. But he just wanted 1 child and she wanted more so would stop taking the pill, put holes in condoms. I think that she may be pregnant again because after the last one he warned her that he would not stay if she becmae pregnant again. He tried for the snip but he is allergic to anestheitic, and has a heart condition so will not take the risk.

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So, she had 5 kids with a man that won't marry her and has a heart condition.... hopefully he has a decent life insurance policy? 

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yep, karma at its best,  its killing me not asking any questions but i need to stay out of it, my only worry with christmas coming and her all sad and lonely with 5 kids he will want to play super grampa - not in my house.

He even told me this morning that she had asked if I was coming later, thank the lord for work

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Wait, didn't your skids send you a group text telling you they didn't want you in their lives? 

Big mistake, SD.  Huge.

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Skids? What skids?? Oh, you mean the people who booted me out of their lives? Non-entities.

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Batty people like this sow should be sterilized. Ugh, those poor kids are going to grow up in poverty because of this wacko.