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Well its MSD birthday today and this is the first year of my disengagement.

The Hubs has forgotten so there was no flower delivery this morning and no meal booked for tonight. The texts to him have started. I have started to batch cook so I do not get pulled in.

Think she has realised who did all the organising as I have had a message “ I think we should meet for coffee” hell no!!!!!

I have had a very calm 5 months at home as I have asked him to discuss them at all and he has honoured that.

I cannot think of any circumstances that I would want them back in my life


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Good for you. I can't believe she wants to meet for coffee, like that's going to make everything better.

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come on bbbbb...... I dare you meet the little cow for coffee.... then cancel last minute, you forgot about a nail appointment, spa appointment... anything..

another thing... why did you not block these brats from contacting you, they have no reason to

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It's funny when the worm turns, isn't it?

After driving you away, the skid wants to meet for coffee. Does she think you've been in cold storage all this time, just waiting for her call?

Silly rabbit. You've moved on.