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not getting back on that bus

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MSD is trying to regain the power, the stupid idiot has finally realised that I am not playing her games anymore, so has informed the hubs that he is not allowed to discuss with me anything to do with her and her brood. And that hell will freeze over before she will speak to me again.

Only found this out as she reminded him on FB, thinking that I may have to block her and as she did not get the hint that I am not interested in her life with the note I sent her in October.

Bless him the hubs was confused as he said she wouldn’t stop asking questions about me the last time he saw her.

I am devastated lol.

Less stress, more time and more money.

Repeat to myself – do not get sucked in, do not get sucked in


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hahaha she's trying to control you again....

what did Hubs tell her.... sorry kiddo I will discuss with my wife what ever I want to }:) and no stop asking about her she's not your mother and nothing in your life by your own choice

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I personally prefer that my DH never mention ss's name much less anything associated with him and his brood.