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its going to get interesting

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Well the Christmas shopping has started, and the hubs is already complaining how expensive it is for him - well your brats shouldn't produce like rabbits then, and then expect everyone else to pay for gifts that they then change the tags on to make out that they have bought them, and then sell after Christmas on ebay.

and he is so so so depressed that we are not speaking, ok your ADULT children treat me like shit, if people do that I no longer speak to them until they say sorry and also communicate with me in an appropriate manner. I do not want to be their mother or the bestest friend in the whole wide world, but I do expect to be treated with the respect that I show them.

my lady balls are growing by the day


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You're lucky- at least your DH moans about how much it costs- mine just says,' How much? Here's a bit more...' His balls shrunk a long time ago...
I'm not mentioning Christmas until he does- as I no longer speak about the skids either...

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I would never pay for my skids Christmas - they have a BM and a coven of other hangers on who spoil them rotten- why do I need to add to that over-consumption?

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If the kids don't even know who the gifts came from and the parents turn around and sell them, why does he bother? I wouldn't.

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For the past couple of years a donation is made in their names to the charity of my choice. DH asked me many years ago to please take care of the holiday giftings. There is a little village somewhere with many chickens.

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Ah the approaching blessed holidays. The season of joy, peace and love. Not in step land. More like the season of dread and when will it be past. All joy in the holidays was sucked down the skid black hole long ago.

Already skids are texting DH what to buy the grandkids. He rarely gets to see the grandkids long enough to hand over presents. If it is their birthdays...ex wife and other grandparents are there too.

I am disengaged from all of his three daughters and four grandkids. Never even met two youngest ones.
Barely talking to DH since last weekend when my family was coming for visit and he made me so angry with being envious of the relationship I have with my own family. Anyway it is long and complicated. I have a four page letter to hand him soon telling him how I felt about his actions. Just trying to let the anger subside enough to go on. Feel very disconnected from him this whole week.

He needs to get it out of his head that I will fix the broken relationships in his family. They will never apologize for what they have done. After his non sincere apology last weekend for stuff he said then I see where they get it from. Mostly I was mad...then hurt that he offered a fake apology just to smooth it under rug while my family visited. He stole the joy from my visit...seeing my grandchildren is about the only true joy in my life right now. He marred that joy with his envy about me being able to have my family here but not his since they have no respect for our marriage. He does not own his part in that he allows the disrespect by not correcting them when they call me names or say things against me to him. Things like does he get the photos of the grandkids that OSD mails, she is afraid I would throw them out if they came in mail. Yet she is the one who thinks she has done nothing to deserve being banned from our home.

Sorry to go on. Just wanted to say I know how you feel. Living that wonderful dream every day! Ha!
Well..keep calm and move on! January will be here before ya know it!