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Well all i can say is since my disengagement my life has become alot calmer, my only issue is that I am naturally nosey so not knowing things drives me mad. But i am working on that


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Skids, GSkids and BM. no contact at all since October last year. I am the cleanest person known to man as I shower everytime they text or speak to him so we dont have a conversation about what they have said

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bbbbb - with time that passes as well...... just hang in there ,

I use to sneak peak at SO's phone to know what's going on, cause he never tells me, I use to stalk them on FB and friends lol... but it's been a couple off years, where I simply do not care, I have no interest in their lives

If we plan something and SO has to jump to make his brat happy or she arranges something in a week-end we already had plans, I simply ignore it and go ahead with my plans, with or without SO....