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Shout out

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To all you Stalkers stuck in lockdown/quarantine/your own personal hell with skids: I salute you! 

We are in lockdown with full social distancing here. We decided to have the skids stay with BM rather than have them go back and forth because we don't trust that she will self-isolate. We will be in lockdown for at least 4 weeks (likely much longer based on how it looks like it is going in other countries). 

I am almost weepy with how blissful it has been with just myself, DH and BS3. I feel like this is how it could/should be all the time, and I am almost miserable at the same time because I know it's temporary (albeit a long temporary).

I would not be sad if I never saw those skids again and I feel like a horrible person. But yeah, makes me realise how much grief those guys bring with them when our weekends are free of them and everyone is so much happier. How depressing.

On a plus note, the skids don't seem to mind not coming - they are gaming, sleeping til 3pm, eating crap food. Win win all round. Will see what happens when they have to go back to school and they're so unfit they can't function, but hey - kudos to them! 


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So far DH has been having to watch his 3 kids everyday M-F and everyother weekend! I cant wait until they go back to school. This past week they weren't here and it was so peaceful! We got to spend time with BS1 , do home workouts together, cook, etc. To bad its back to hell again next few weeks ugh!!!!!!!!

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Like you - here in the UK we are in full lockdown with social distancing for essential food shopping etc, and only allowed to take exercise outside the home once per day.  It has been said on national news that the lockdown may last until June.  I think it's unlikely the schools will re-open (at present the only ones going are children of key workers) until the autumn term. 

It's difficult, but I know that at least DH won't be called upon to get dragged into a fight between NPD BM, SD25 and SD23, who are living together currently.  A few years ago the elder SD hit the younger one in the face and we ended up with her staying overnight.  We're not allowed to mix with people we don't live with full time, so hooray to that! 

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Are you worried that once this is allover BM will want you to have the skids even more than normal? I posted about that - On the one hand Iwould like SDto stay at BM's but onthe other hand I could see the weeks of bliss of not having her here would be followed by weeks of her being her nonstop!!! 

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You are so lucky!! We kept the skids here for the duration of the social isolation. It is hell but safer. I would love it to be the other way around where BM would keep them but all 4 assholes are here. There won't be any make up time for BM to take them more but it is what it is.

Please dont feel guilty for wanting to never see them again. I would feel nothing but happiness if I never saw these awful people again. I tried to love them or treat them like my own but I cant. DH blocks me from a relationship with them by sucking as a parent and making them intolerable people. They are a waste of oxygen and i hate that I have to share a home with them in order to live with my husband.

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You don't need to feel guilty. You're not the one ruining other people's lives. BM is. The guilt is all hers to take.

I am also loving being quarantined with DH and DD17. We have never been happier. I dread the day we get back to regular routine visits.

I have zero guilt. I didn't cause any BM/skids problems. DH didn't cause problems. DD didn't cause problems. We are at peace with ourselves, and for once, without the Maggot's (BM's) and skid drama invading our lives, we have complete and total calmness.

Guilt should be shouldered by the guilty party. That is not us. It's not you, OP.

Life is good!

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Please don't feel guilty. I have 3 bio kids that would likely annoy the crap out of me if I had to live stuck in a house with them for a couple months.