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Really wonder why I am here!?

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SD15 continues to be rude as hell. Everytime I walk in the house, she shuts herself up in her room. It makes SO uncomfortable. She is really pushing his back against the wall and trying to make him choose between the two of us. I think she is trying to exit me from the picture so BM can have a chance to get him back. All this crap started when BMs latest loser boyfriend did not work out. I don't know, I really don't even know why i am sitting here right now. We do not live together so what the heck am I getting out of even being anywhere near that punk brat? Does it ever change?


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Short answer no. It doesn't really change. Only thing you can do is let it go through to the keeper. If your SO is getting "├╝ncomfortable" that his daughter is choosing to not be comfortable/engaged around you then you should take this up with him. Let him know you are aware that he is not happy with the situation and it's making you feel like you dont want to be there. Another thing to try is knocking on her door and taking it up with her. SOmething like "step daughter I have noticed that everytime I come over you tend to shut yourself in your room, is my being here uncomfortable/unsettling for you?" try and discuss with her woman to woman. Invite her to be included when you are over. This could also show your SO that you're not just committed to him but to his kid/s as well.

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I would RATHER have SD14 shut up in her room, than crammed up DHs butt. Be glad that she is not following your SO around like a puppy dog. This is what my skids do on and off... even DH notices it and can't stand it. Like if he tries to go outside and work in the garden or something they are out there within 15 minutes with some "important" question to ask him, or just lurking around.

I just think it is so weird, when I was that age, the LAST thing I wanted to do was hang around in the same general area as my mom and step dad. Borrrrrinnngggg and Gross!