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BEta results :(

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Well all not looking good. Wed my beta was 2324 and progesterone a low 6.8 (which I didn't get prog until yesterday).

Fridays DR apt results finally in today, hcg dropped to 580 but progesterone was up 10.5

I actually started taking progesterone last night (vaginally)- but now w/this I'll discontinue since seems no point.

I'm going to the clinic again tomorrow for another beta but thinking this is it.


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Planned, unexpected, prayed-for or frightened by .... watching Beta's & other numbers while your own body feels hijacked, is the longest time. Hours stretch as your mind races. It ages you. Wish that I could say something to help.


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Just know there are a bunch of women out here giving you hugs and hand holding and much love. I am so sorry.

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Thanks friends! Had an absolute MISERABLE night. I could not sleep, even after 2 melatonins. Had the itchys, night sweats, cold, hot, mind racing, mood swings- woke up madder then a polar bear in a hot tub.

My dog would NOT stop laying on me and he pissed me off.

I'm going to go in this morning to my dr clinic here by me (OBGYN office). Just need a lab done to confirm. While I'm there I'm asking the nurse to ask the Dr for prescriptions for the 'miscarriage'. I'm not getting a D&C. I'm not waiting for another appointment. If the number dropped and I dont' start on my own, I'll use misoprotrol on Friday. I better get Valium and pain meds.

Last time I never miscarried on my own- I walked around for 10 DAYS with a dead baby in me. Not doing that again. Already missed work today. So if nothing happens I'll start the stuff Friday when I get back from work. Last time it took 2 dosages over 2 days to miscarry.

I REALLY hope they don't try and get me to wait to 'see the dr' after my beta- I'm done. We know what's going on-quit f##king around for me to pay more $ to you.

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So sorry you are going through this again. Stay strong, mama. You have a pack of beautiful kids and a great hubby to enjoy once those beautiful monsters are launched. <3