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You THOUGHT you were Getting a Life Partner but instead you Became. . .

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Pretty much wraps up Stepmotherhood, NCP Stepmotherhood in particular.


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Basically if you're not willing to put in the EXTREMELY HARD UPHILL CLIMB work, then you're not parenting correctly and odds are, your children will turn out to be sociopaths; just like these unparented skids.

ANYONE who says that parenting is a breeze simply is not doing it right!! Anyone who says that they are their children's "best friend" (especially if said children are under 18) should be immediately spayed/neutered and have their children given to traditional parents.

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Exactly. Chances are that if you do the job right, your children will not turn out to be sociopaths.

And if you abdicate your parental responsibilities, odds are about 99% that they WILL turn out to be sociopaths.

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more like flat worms.....nonono wait...more like blue-green algae

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Lol I have visions now of skid jumping out of husbands belly just like the alien films. Smile

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Actually they cling to his ass cheeks and attach tentacle like appendages to our wallets. . .all the while biodad applauds!!

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I totally agree. There should be some guilty daddy registry as well! I think I want to go into seminars warning single women as soon as GG hits the road and there are no dangers of repercussions.