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Obviously No Self Support Reserve in NYS

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So as you may know, GG (the biodad I live with) is now paying the SMALLEST amount of CS he has ever had to pay since moving in with me.

That being $1,000 a month. . .and he makes $15 an hour on a 40 hour work week.

You do the math. Just looking at the Housing and Utility Charts for NYS. GG is FAAARRRR below the figure even for just housing and utilities after CS and taxes are taken out.,,id=104830,00.html

Obviously there is no self support reserve here in NYS.

I also noticed that in the Behemoth's county (one county over) the average cost of living is quite a bit below our county) Her county has a reputation as "White Trash Nation" here in NYS, whereas our county is more or less a thriving "suburban county" outside of a major city.

Even with all the taxes and CS GG pays AND claiming the one child (out of three; the Behemoth claims the other two) he STILL has to pay in on April 15th.

Come to think of it, April 15th was their wedding anniversary. I would have taken that as an ominous omen!!! :jawdrop:

The system is VERY much broken!!


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"I never used my kid as justification for why I should get money from anyone"

Neither did I. The vindictive Behemoth sleeps well knowing that she impoverishes her ex every day.

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So many systems are broken it's just not funny. It amazes me how BM can get food stamps claiming she has custody of three kids that she sees MAYBE 4 days a month, resells food she gets with food stamps to make income, claims a kid for a tax deduction, doesn't pay child support, has NEVER bought her kids shoes/clothes/school supplies or paid for haircuts and feeds them nothing but frozen pizza and mac & cheese. Yet, she got a $6k refund on her $11k of reported income! Meanwhile, I pay almost 40% in taxes. How in the hell does that happen?

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Two words for you. . . Wealth Redistribution.

Under the current regime, slackers are encouraged. . . getting back earned income CREDIT. . .money they've never put in to the pot in the first place.

And those who are rich who are in the "increase taxes" camp usually cheat on their taxes and don't pay them so that's why OTHER people can pay taxes so effortlessly (Charlie Rangel, Timothy Geitner, Maxine Waters et al)

Everyone should have skin in the game.