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Braniac (SS14) and Venus De Milo's (SD12) Grades are In

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I'm sure GG will be ELATED. Braniac managed to somehow pull off a low C average! He's so proud of his boy who just got suspended for two days!!

And Venus' has actually scored only 75 points below the lowest lexile for her grade!!

Somebody cue the "Movin' On Up" Bumper Music!!!

PUKERIFIC! I'm sure this will cause GG to spoon and pine even MORE for them since my latest email gaff!!

It will serve to bolster up his "late bloomer" theory. Fact is that they are getting end of the year PITY grades and most likely the Behemoth has gone into action, twisting the arms of the school admins to socially promote them to the next grade.


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Hey Auteur!!! Smile (Milomom standing up waving her arms)

I just caught up on your recent posts this week - so glad you're here with us!!! Sorry I'm a little behind on everything.

Also IMPORTANT: Just wanted to let you know that some people here (StepTalkers) are accidentally using some of your "old" nicknames when referencing the "cast of characters" in your life in their replies. So you may want to review some of your newer posts this week and DELETE these replies with mistaken names. KWIM?? You don't want any STALKERS to pick up on anything - and we KNOW they're out there!!

As for your post - about Brainiac & Venus De Milo's grades being in...oh God how pathetic is GG. I know that you & I have to deal with the same "Ostrich method" way that our SO's deal with their kids' education and grades. The "non-parenting" way of handling these kids will simply mean that they are on the train to LOSERVILLE (and knowing they are failing out is like watching a train wreck - you can't help but watch it).

Yes, naturalmom has the right idea!!! Brainiac & Venus deserve LOTS of money showered on them, take them to the mall for a shopping trip, buy them expensive new iphones or blackberrys. Pathetic. :sick:

It truly amazes me how obvious men like GG are when they are so jealous of your children and how they were raised, their education, their intelligence - that they convince themselves that these poor grades are actually acceptable. He's a moron. He really needs to wake up and realize that his kids will be CONVICTS before the age of 20 if he doesn't change his parenting method IMMEDIATELY.

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He really needs to wake up and realize that his kids will be CONVICTS before the age of 20 if he doesn't change his parenting method IMMEDIATELY.

Over the past two days he has basically reaffirmed that he would be proud to be father to three felons and he has no intention of doing anything other than aiding the Behemoth to make their "angels" uncouth sociopaths.

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OOOOOOH tskarbow - BIG threat there by your DH, huh?? (sarcasm)

If she doesn't start getting better grades, she has to go back to TUTORING?? OOOHHHH NNOOOO!! NOT the BIG, BAD TUTOR!?!?!

It appears that SO MANY parents nowadays are so BLIND and LENIENT in raising their kids.

If I brought home C's, D's or F's - my parents would have skinned me ALIVE!! I would not be alive today to talk about it. OK, maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration, but I think you all can understand what I mean.

What ever happened to the days when a kid was EMBARRASSED or MORTIFIED by poor grades? What ever happened to being in "healthy competition" for good grades with your classmates???

I swear there is simply NO ACCOUNTABILITY for anything with these kids nowadays - ESPECIALLY "CHILDREN OF DIVORCE" (TM).

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Makes me laugh. I'm a teacher and we were just told in a staff meeting that we all need to come up with incentives and rewards to get kids to come to school. I got a glare when I said "oh I've got one. How about bad grades and parental responsibility if they don't?" it makes me sick that the good kids are not getting the challenge and attention they deserve because we are made to bribe the kids who don't want to do anything. Good way to make everyone mediocre!

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Stpmom2b, I do believe that what you are describing is called Socialism, or would that be Communism? Hmmmm......same difference. LOL Smile

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HA! I have to laugh. Why Venus DM scored a. . .wait for it. . . .

drum roll please. . .

wait for it. . .

THIRTY on a TEST of a possible ONE HUNDRED!!

I guess she must have misspelled her name again like she does on most of her "heartstrings" letters to her non-parental status ad hoc, pro bono babysitting unit.

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A 30 and GG will probably just blow it off, like "no big deal, she's just a late bloomer in that subject...she'll catch up."

:sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth when I read that - a 30! So pathetic.

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Why grades aren't important doncha know!!! Sayeth GG. He was a "late bloomer" in school yet my children who received almost all "As" aren't out curing cancer so it's no big deal!!! (GAG)

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Sorry, GG - WRONG!!! Your kids are WAY too old to be considered "late bloomers" - they're more like "never going to bloomers".

Yep, my FDH could care less if his kids are bringing home straight "A's" or straight "D's", so long as BM isn't complaining to him about something, it's all "okay" with him!! For you see, BM is such a great mother!!!

OMG, I would be grounding MY biochildren for MONTHS if they brought home the grades that skids bring home. Of course, they don't actually ADMIT to the bad grades - when asked about a test that day, they'll say "oh, it was fine." and continue to walk to their bedrooms to text away & watch TV for the rest of the night.

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You know those c's they have were not truly earned. It is just because the teachers are getting tired of them and want them moved on to the next grade or either the Behometh is doing their homework.

I disengaged from my ss's grades. I actually lost access somehow-but know I could get it back if I emailed school. But I figure what's the point-noone is going to do anything about his bad grades so why bother?

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Geez, these damn kids. I got yelled at when I brought home my report card that was straight As! Why? Because I missed two days of school. Why? Because my parents took me out of school to go visit my mother's aunt and uncle. *sigh*

My cousin, on the other hand, got a television for bringing an F up to a D.

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I hear ya. It was unspoken that I was to achieve good grades in school and NEVER, EVER have a note come home from school saying i'd misbehaved or fallen in my grades.

My parents told me that school was my JOB and I should view it as that.

Makes you scared thinking about what these lovely unachievers will do on THEIR jobs!!