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OT-Update on crazy Friend

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If you had read my previous blogs you all know I had a falling out with my friend. Well not sure if what the hell is wrong with her. She text me the day after X-Mas about how i forgot her birthday again and wished my SO and SS a Merry X-mas but not me. I ignored and did not respond.

Got another message a few days ago of her holding a ring saying someone lost it Thanksgiving Eve. I do not wear jewelry and everyone knows that. Why wait two months to say something to me and also she sent all these messages after midnight. I ignored the last one too.

Are people in this world that seriously messed up. Tell you to leave them alone and than bash on you when you do. Honestly I do not care what happened but pretty sure if you claim to be a best friend and you are so close wouldn't you reach out when you found out their dad died.

I have a feeling that she is literally using a ring of her own to create an reaction and I hope I say something to her and come begging back to be friends. What is wrong with people?


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So, she basically told you that she didn't want to be friends anymore but was pissed that you did not contact her on her birthday?

She is just using the birthday and the ring as an excuse to contact you, without dealing with the underlying issue.

Just ignore.

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Well, she did get a reaction out of you.

I suggest ignoring her and letting her antics just slide off you like water from a duck's back.

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You’re right. Narcissists hate being ignored. Keep doing it. She wants you to beg her for friendship. Nobody needs that crap.

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I mean that you are here pitching a fit over it. You also want a reaction about this.

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Can you ever be nice to me at all. So basically any one who posts on this blog is just looking for a reaction. You are seriously mean. Stop posting on my stuff at this point. It is just stupid.

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My sincerest apologies if you think I'm trying to be mean. I was just clarifying my statement that you misunderstood.

All I was saying is that you are allowing this woman to take up too much space in your head, which is what she wants. You would probably be happiest if you block her and ignore her.

I'm not the one trying to cause drama in your life. Please stop picking a fight with me whenever I say anything to you. It hurts my feelings.

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Block her number. If something happens to her that her family thinks you should know about, they can reach out to you. Otherwise, out of sight, out of mind.

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I am getting really close to that point. Trust me. Luckily I always have my phone on silence or vibrate so I never hear it at 1 in the morning.

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Why just "close to that point"? Why not just block her if the friendship is over?

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Just hate going through the effort. I know how to do it just do not really feel like it. I am sure in time it will just stop.

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It seems like a lot more effort to kvetch over this so much. I remember you have family and hobbies and now a new home. You have plenty of more valuable things to do with your time. Just block her and ignore it. You are important.

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When my crazy friend and I broke up, she didn't contact me but she posted Facebook "memories" and labeled me a fake friend. She knew our mutual friends would tell me. I didn't say a word. She also posted a bunch of memes that were basically jabs at me. I thought it was hilarious. She's the one who lied and then she tried to make me look like the bad guy. Whatever, I have had plenty of people tell me they couldn't figure out why we were friends. I didn't know she had burned so many people before me.

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I had a (permanent) falling out with my now-ex-BFF. I don't have blocking capabilities on my phone (it's a POS). He texted me several times during a period of 6 months after The End. I ignored him. Haven't heard from him now in almost 1.5 years.

If you ignore her, she'll eventually get the message. She may think that you DID block her.

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Sometimes it can be amusing to watch someone who feels slighted try and take pot shots at you.

Just ignore it. Drives them mad...doesn't usually take long for them to either ramp up the crazy, or they give up.

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I would not even bother blocking her number, simply ignore it.

But you will have to sit and think about this, yes she said the friendship is over, do you really want her as a friend or not, nothing wrong if you do want her as a friend, but then have an adult conversation about it and clear everything that's bugging you, if she turns into a bitch during this meeting, finish your coffee, smile and say, I'm truly sorry but I do not consider you as a friend anymore, thus stop contacting me, settle the bill and walk away.