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Start to realize something

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Well SS10 has an attitude still like, well crap. Anyway SS takes it upon himself to turn the thermostat up again in his bathroom to over 80 yes over 80 because he was in there for 5 minutes and he was cold. Third time now. First time nice talk explained to him not to do. 2nd time he did it was punished a little and explained it costs us money.

Got a hold of the BM!

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Yup DH got a hold of her last night. Contacted a few people and I found her husbands number on-line. Anyway after a few messages and a person getting a hold of her to tell her to call DH she did.

She agreed to sign the document and was happy SS has a family and mom according to DH. Looks like all this will go smoothly and there will be no issues with me officially adopting my SS. Yay! I am really happy but I think I will be over the moon when all is said and done.

Contacted the BM!

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Well DH did and he contacted SS10 BM via facebook. The only way we know how. She did not respond not sure she even got the message yet. I do not think so as you can kinda tell. Anyway now it is waiting game.

As we are waiting I am digging and trying to find and address for her on-line but to no luck or I have to pay to find it. We might go that route. DH is going to try to contact a few people he knows that may have her number before we do that.

Kids and Video Games

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From my previous posts you all have noticed we are struggling with behavior things with SS10.

I am starting to wonder about some stuff because last night we got into his attitude again. Something came up about his friends get to do so much more than he does so I am wondering for all those out there what do you think is appropriate age for certain things.

Fortnite video game:
Destiny Video Game:
Zelda Video Game:
Jaws movie:
Dead Pool 1&2 movie:
Halloween Movies:
All Avenger movies:

Having a day!

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I am tired this week and just having my fill of things all in all. As I talk to people I work with who are not step-parents or have ever tried to parent a child who was partly raised by g-parents, DH, and aunt sometimes, I realize they have no freaking clue!

Update on Adopting....

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DH and I met with a different lawyer last night. We liked this one much better and also his fee was way more reasonable. Anyway he said all good things pretty much telling us we have nothing to worry about. We have a good case and all should be ok. He did say it would be easiest if she went ahead and consented and signed the documents.

Meeting with Lawyer went well.....

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We met with a lawyer last night. All things were good other than his price which was really really high. Flat fee of $4000. I knew it was going to cost but wow that is a lot of money. We are going to talk to one more lawyer just to gauge things.

This lawyer we did talk to said that we would have a pretty good case. If we choose to use him he did warn me there will be a lot of hoop jumping. He said we can go for her to consent or we can just go ahead and petition to terminate her rights and file for adoption.

Meeting Lawyer on Monday

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So I finally made the call. We are going to a lawyer on Monday to see what are options for me adopting SS. I am really nervous to be opening this can of worms. I have no idea what the outcome will be or how things will play out.

The alternative is do nothing at all and just hope that nothing ever happens to my DH.

Just nervous and scared about it all. Anyone have any tips for this process? Like I said we are meeting to better understand what our options are moving forward.