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Having a day!

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I am tired this week and just having my fill of things all in all. As I talk to people I work with who are not step-parents or have ever tried to parent a child who was partly raised by g-parents, DH, and aunt sometimes, I realize they have no freaking clue!

Update on Adopting....

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DH and I met with a different lawyer last night. We liked this one much better and also his fee was way more reasonable. Anyway he said all good things pretty much telling us we have nothing to worry about. We have a good case and all should be ok. He did say it would be easiest if she went ahead and consented and signed the documents.

Meeting with Lawyer went well.....

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We met with a lawyer last night. All things were good other than his price which was really really high. Flat fee of $4000. I knew it was going to cost but wow that is a lot of money. We are going to talk to one more lawyer just to gauge things.

This lawyer we did talk to said that we would have a pretty good case. If we choose to use him he did warn me there will be a lot of hoop jumping. He said we can go for her to consent or we can just go ahead and petition to terminate her rights and file for adoption.

Meeting Lawyer on Monday

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So I finally made the call. We are going to a lawyer on Monday to see what are options for me adopting SS. I am really nervous to be opening this can of worms. I have no idea what the outcome will be or how things will play out.

The alternative is do nothing at all and just hope that nothing ever happens to my DH.

Just nervous and scared about it all. Anyone have any tips for this process? Like I said we are meeting to better understand what our options are moving forward.

Lying, Manipulating and Ignoring

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DH and I are slowly coming to the end of our rope with SS now 10. I will just flat our tell you everything that happened the last few weeks and you let me know what you think.

3 weeks ago DH logged onto the school lunch account and noticed it was negative $52. We put money in there at the start of the year and were thinking it might be low and maybe short a few bucks. We look at the log and notice SS was getting breakfast like 3 to 4 times a week. He is also getting a snack at lunch pretty much every single day.

This was interesting.

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So with all the wedding stuff going on this weekend I had some family up for while. The one day two of my teenage boy cousins were over and I was not sure if they would be there. Around noon I decided to go get SS out of school early and bring him home to hang out with them. They wanted to meet him and he wanted to meet them.

I was smart called the school ahead of time to see if I was on the list. Well no policy changed this year they do not carry over. Ok fine I called DH get him on the phone and tell him he calls the school and all is good. I go get him.

It is Official!

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Well it happened this past weekend. I am not longer a single lady, I am a wife.

I know I posted a while back about how miserable I was. Well all those feelings disappeared a week before the wedding. Not sure what changed or what happened. This past week I was able to enjoy things and got to see all my family that I truly love.

The wedding it's self was great and amazing. I really did enjoy myself and had so much fun. All my family helped me get things together and things ready. It was a great day and event.

What a wonderful day!

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This has nothing to do with yesterday. It is a wonderful day and I am in a really good mood. Many of you will not support this and many of you may have negative comments about it. I ask to please keep those to yourself and just be supportive.

Brought SS home from practice last night. We were talking about me and SO getting married and all that stuff. SS had some very interesting things to say. Her is the convo for the most part.