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We are adding to our family and In-laws due in 4 days!

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Well things have quiet and good. Things have really started to mellow and just be a routine. I do miss time with my girlfriends but I have just been busy with my own stuff, with the skid, and SO had to work some overtime. Since it has been so quiet and easy we decided to add to everything and stir up some chaos....

Can you guess what it was not planned.....I never thought I would want this......hey we figured why not.....

Ok Need some ideas!

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I need some helpful tips here ladies and gents. My SS9 is your typical kid boy kid at this rate, he thinks farts, and bodily functions are hilarious. He wants to be a clown and joke all the time. We are getting a handle on and apparently is mostly around his one friend. Talked to the teacher came up with a plan and we think it is good and hopefully got a handle on it. There was some punishment about his report card and comments the teacher gave. Nothing too bad.

Favorite Child Comment led to I hope you don't.

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This morning I am listening to the radio as I am taking SS9 to daycare. They were talking about how a 1/4 of parents will admit they have a favorite and blah blah blah, it was funny. As we go to get out of the car this is what happens.....
SS: Ash, I know who the favorite is, i mean there is no other so I know who it is.
Ash: Let me guess it is you.
SS: Yeah I am the only one so I am the favorite. (We get out of car)
Ash: (Jokingly) Who knows maybe that will change if I have another...
SS: Let's hope not.
Ash: Why not?

How things were done has effects now!

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I am so frustrated at this point. I usually try not to engage with arguing with a 9 year old but this morning I slipped. Typically I can ignore and just move one but not this morning. I ask you excited about g-parents coming up and talking about missing a few days of the summer program and I will pull him out. He seemed a little like hesitant so I said do not worry you will not miss trips. The rest follows:

Incorporating kid into wedding!

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Hey I am looking for ideas not put downs about how I should not do it and blah blah blah. Anyway when SO and I get married we both want to incorporate SS9. Not for the whole thing but a part of it as he means a lot to both of us. He is really excited for us all to have the same last name. I want to give him a chance to be involved with the ceremony. Just nor sure what to do exactly, so I am looking for ideas. Let's face it SO and him both accepted me into their little family.

Again please just ideas of what maybe you have done or seen.


OT-Why can't people just move on and let things go.

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So if you follow my blog you know I had a falling out with my friend and she keeps texting here and there. I do not respond to her texts. I do not plan on responding to this one.

This is what it said.

"Ya know...all this just sucks. After 16 years you couldn't remember my birthday. Like. I have an alarm set on my phone for yours. And I get it. Your dad passing away was tragic and unexpected and I have no idea what that had to have been like. But there are some day I miss you. Another I'm still pissed. And...yeah. That is all."

First time a 9 year old really made me mad.

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Last night I get home and SS9 is all excited because they had a book thing at school yesterday. He could donate and exchange them. he has so many book I said well lets donate 12 and you can exchange 3. When I come home he has 12. All I can think is something is really fishy here. I know what I wrote I know what I said and I know I explained to him why we are donating. I bought most of the books for him to read and my mom had just bought him like several brand new books too.

Follow up to yesterday - adopting!

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Thank you all the people that gave my constructive advice and were supportive.

I went home last night had a talk with SO we are going to go for legal guardianship in the next few months. We are waiting till a few things settle because we have a lot on our plate right now. I was planning on waiting a few months to begin with I just wanted some advice.