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Update .. still pregnant and hanging in there

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So I needed up stay out only because I has having fair amount of contractions ( thought not consistent) and lost a good deal of my mucus plug.. sorry if TMI but we are all adults here. For that reason I thought it best I stay home which is only about 7 mins from the hospital. I really wanted to go to my sisters house but she lives about 40 mins from me.  I had a talk with DH and he rescheduled his shoot he had this morning so now he only has one later today around 6 which he promised would only be an hour and one tomorrow evening so we will see what happens. SD is here and brought is chaos as soon as she walked in the door . Getting the dogs all stired up, she went straight in the fridge and started to eat some left cake that was there and threw snacking just continued all night long . The kids went to bed night because SD got them all stired up as well. Ohhh and guess who yet again didn't sleep in her bed! She is sleeping out here in living room on the couch which sucks because every morning before everyone gets up I come out here in the living room and enjoy my one cup of coffee and maybe watch a show . Ohhh well I am still out here watching my show, I just got get why she doesn't sleep in her room on her bed . So I'll pretty much just be hom stuck at home all day but atleast MIL is going to pick up DS5 for a bit , my ex has BS10 until tonight so I only have DD3 with me and of course SD is here still asleep. I'll prob get a few last minute things done around the house for the baby and just wait! I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday 


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That means the baby will be coming soon. I'm glad your partner is doing less of the working and closeby. It's all about you and the baby now. You'll be having the child soon and it's all about that and nothing else. If SD or anyone else needs arrangements let them deal with it and focus on you only. <3

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Baby will soon make his/her appearance!! Glad things are working out! Enjoy this time preparing for the arrival! Congrats!! 

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Why is she sleeping in a living room? It shouldn't be allowed. She needs to be told to go to bed. I'd not try to find out the reason behind not wanting to sleep in a bed. It doesn't matter why. She's too young to make a decision where to sleep. Not appropriate. When it's bed time, send her to the bedroom. I really don't understand this. 


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"You're sleeping in your bed or you will no longer have one at this house as it's just taking up space for apparently no purpose whatsoever,"


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To be fair two of the boys also sleep on couches. It's not just her. And they live there full time. It seems so much work to take sheets of beds put the sheets on couches and drag pillows and get kids into pajamas and put them on couches. Unless kids just pile up on couches with no sheets and in unwashed street clothes. I don't think I've ever heard of such things. And I don't think it's fair to demand SD goes to bed if other kids don't. I think overall it just sounds like some major changes need to be made. The whole household needs more structure and stability.  

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I looked back at OP's posts regarding their bedroom situation because the couch situation you describe didn't sound right.

This is what I found about their current bedroom situation:

"Right now the room situation is in our 3 bedroom home, BS10 and DS5 shared the larger room and DD2 and S12 share a room."

And she did also say she had bunk beds in one of the rooms.

So I think you're wrong on OP's kids sleeping on couches. As for structure and stability I have no clue to what you're referring. Perhaps you have her confused with someone else?

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 This is from her previous blog: "we have another twin bed in their which is suppose to be for DS5 but he like to sleep on the couch. Sometimes SD will sleep on the couch if bS10 sleeps on the other couch (we have two big couches)". 
So yes the boys sleep on couches and 5 year old doesn't even sleep in a bed which is supposed to be for him. 

just going by what she posted. 

as about stability I believe her DH has to obtain a career so he could keep a job. He constantly loses his job and is unemployed for long stretches of time. He needs stable type of career, not doing random things here and there. Perhaps he needs to go to trade school and learn trades that are stable. I don't believe it's a stable environment and it's irresponsible that he has so many kids with no stable job.

I also think kids need to wash up brush their teeth and put pajamas on and sleep on sheets and pillow cases (hopefully clean) and not pile up on couches.

Of course everyone has different understanding of stability. From what was posted over the years, decisions aren't made with stability in mind with pros and cons considered. Just kind of whinging it. Things are done, but then the issues arise where would the kids sleep and DH has no job again. Not my idea of stability. Very chaotic.

But to each its own 




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have beds and bedrooms so this is more of a choice, occasional thing. Nothing wrong in that. My kids would make tents out of sheets in the living room and sleep in them for days at a time. Other times they would put gym mats together to make one huge bed when they had sleepovers. Never had a problem with where they slept as long as they did.

As for dad and his job situation, as long as they're able to feed, house and clothe their expanding family that's there business. It's not like they're sending their kids off to live with relatives or giving them over to the State.

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Absolutely everything they do is their choice. That's why I said to each its own. I think they need to look into their decision making process and reconsider how they do things in regards to employment, housing, child rearing etc. But these are my thoughts and my opinion. They can and will do whatever they see fit. Of course it's their business 

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Um I think you need to excuse yours self a bit because my children ARE NOT piled on dirty sheets on couches .

gross! I actually clean and spray my childrens bed daily, shower is done daily, clean clothes and teeth are brushed 2x a day because I know how to handle my household and I have can handle my children financially and economically so that's why I choose to have 4,

but there will even no more children now. I have a good paying job that enabled us to live comfortably and DH not having not having a job puts some strain but hells yea he will absolutely take what he can get as far as making money in between jobs and if he is not working he is watching the children so we can omit childcare. I have always had my children on a structured routine sincr day one so your summary of how you preceive my parent from one sentence is offensive. It's actually SD who never showers when she is with us, I'm not even sure she brushes her teeth daily when she is with us, it's like lack of structure that bothers me and I don't want it to influence my children 

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But I think that's Livingoutloud's point. Your SD's lack of structure shouldn't be enabled in your house.  If SD is given the green light to sleep on the couch, and the other kids are allowed to follow her example, then that's on the adults of the house, not on SD. You and your DH decide how structured or unstructured your household is, regardless of whether SD is there or not. 

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Yes my DS5 sleeps on the couch for a moment and we put him in his bed . Sometimes he falls asleep on his bed and goes to the couch . bS10 almost never ever sleeps on the couch unless SD is here and he sees her sleeping on the couch. Actually BS10 hates sleeping on the couch because he says they make Him itch lol but if

SD is and she sleeps there he will sleep on the other to keep her company 

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That would be a big overwhelming especially in your situation! like livingoutloud above said! Defintiely some major changes need to be made surrounding structure and stability. 

I hope things get better, hang in there and congratulations on your new little bundle. <3