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Update to mini vacation

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The vacation was really nice ! The kids enjoyed themselves and the fresh air was very much needed! And  NO SD did not come , BM retreated when DH was questioning her why SD flew back alone. He asked "didn't you go to Florida with her, why is SD flying back alone" BM didn't answer of course... but I knew well duh BM didn't go with SD lol . But I'm sure BM will use this to throw back in DH face "you never spend time with SD " even tho it was her who booked the trip on his weekend and then tried to ask we go out of or way to get her when she scheduled her flight to return home a day earlier. I hope BM stays silent for atleast a few days because I had ve had enough of her for one month 


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All you can do is just try to have SD on the days that the order states. If she complains or doesn't allow, then throw back her comment about not seeing SD enough... But anyhow I would probably ask your hubby to not bring up the comments that bio mom makes, if it causes you stress. 

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 DH needs to rub her nose in the facts that she is the one that booked travel so it interfered with DH's SD time.

He needs to keep and log and start quoting BM's interferances each time she pulls her delusional head out of her manipulative ass.

Lather.... rinse.... repeat.