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Spring break and no step kid!!

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So I am VERY shocked that SD13 will not be coming for spring break but DH did tell BM that we are moving at the end of this month so he will be busy working next week and packing. So instead you know what she did? She planned a vacation for her and SD ( well I'm not sure if BM is actually going or is her mom is taking SD ) to fly to Florida ON DHs weekend lol . You know NOT on the actual week of Spring break which starts next Monday and not of the weekend after spring break but on DHs weekend . Oh and this is the same BM the rants about DH not "helping her financially " and how she has to pay for insurance alone , which by the way is a total lie. But BM apparently has enough money to buy a house and pay for a plane ticket and a 4 day vacation . Funny how that happens. DH added this to the other weekend SD didn't come . He wants to get a full Monday of weekends when SD was not present and he will file in court. On the flip side I am happy SD will not be here so I planned a little 2 day vacation for us on the river about 2 hours away Saturday-Monday! 


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This year the holiday schedule is with BM!!.all of spring break....of course they will be dumped on their grandma for saint pats day because BM is an alcoholic but i do not care, thats their lives

The CO for my steps states that holiday schedule supersede weekend visitations. So I would assume that your husband doesnt have a weekend and actually wouldnt see his children until after the break unless he has a different kind of CO

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The drama free (skid free) peace and quiet!

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Well I'm about to be pissed ugh freaking BM of course she changed SD flight so SD could come back Saturday . I'm about to create another blog about it