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Self quarantine/ shelter in place protocol

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So update to our situation here in Houston is no active lockdown or shelter in place but everything is closed pretty much. I just found out my boss is at the hospital to test for corona virus!!! Some co workers and I were around here Friday so we have been exposed. Over the weekend I had low grade fever and asthma flared up so SD did not come. SD is staying at her aunts house because for some reason BM who lives 3 hours away in Austin doesn't feel the need to come get SD ( she has full custody but SD has been living in Houston with BM mother) I read that Austin will go on lockdown tomorrow and I'm wondering where SD will go?? I know BM isn't thinking SD should come here because we are self quarantined until I know of my boss has the virus but I'm pretty sure she does because she said she has fever and has been coughing. I told DH about the Austin lockdown but he isn't taking this whole thing seriously and will prob think it's ok for SD to come stay with us... I'm not sure what the protocol on this is if BM city where she lives is on lockdown but SD can't stay here ...she should prob come get SD before they go on lockdown or we do 


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Before this is over, most likely, everyone will be in lockdown. The question to answer is where, what one place, will SD stay from now until the end of the entire lockdown. Wherever SD goes, she stays. Normal visitation  should not occur.

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Luckily our kids are grown so no visitation crap shuffle back and forth-I really feel for you all right now!  Having to deal with this virus and normal anxiety/stress over it AND dealing with skids ughhh.  Sending you hugs.  I'm working from home and being extra careful since I have some underlying health issues that would cause complications if I caught it.  Sadly I'm at a point of 'preparing' things in case anything were to happen to me or both my DH and I.  My kids are 18-20 but not fully self-sufficient. I have plenty of life insuance. I am also trying to estimate how much the care of my dogs would be if something tragic would happen to us both.  We have two families to be the only ones we would entrust the dogs trying to figure out how much I would leave for their care....and then there is the cats, but they would be easier to place.  Wow, that got morbid, sorry all lol.  Normally don't worry this much. 

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Yea it's a lot and I know now my DH is stressed because he found out BM did leave SD at the aunts house and didn't even try to come get her before BM city went on "shelter in place" I feel sorry for SD right now for the first time. Must suck having a mother that doesn't give a rats ass about you. We have 3 dogs to care for also so it's been non stop caring for all of us. Stay safe and healthy 

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I guess it depends on the state but in Ohio it's ok to leave home to take care of family so I'm not sure you have to worry about being stuck with her.

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Im sorry you were exposed.  Hope you stay well.  If SD comes and you are positive, you did all you can to warn her useless parents.

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Right. Well the mayor just issued a "stay home" order until April 3rd so maybe SD will stay at her aunts house until then. Also we are in self quarantine because we still don't know if my boss my has it. I haven't heard from her at all. 

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I supervise a crew at a state data center and we have to come to work.   2 of us have had some type of contact with someone that is being tested or tested positive.  

Its very scary to hear those words for the first time 'I was around someone being tested.'   The second time it was like, it is what it is..  I go to work and home and store if need something but I told DSO 1 grocery store trip a week and we make do with what we have.  Told my 88yo Mom that I'd see her in a month and staying away from the grand kids.  

Everyone stay safe.

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We just had another thread where people insisted that children must be passed back and forth no matter what. No matter pandemics or stay home order. Visitations with daddy trump everything. 

now same day totally different tune. Children must stay put with BM or BM family and not transported back and forth

i just love this site.  

I hope SD stays put and not being moved back and forth. Safety first