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SD10 and BS8 issues!!!!

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I recently decided to completely disengage from SD and BM drama. Basically SD is on her own this weekend unless DH steps up I'm not cooking her breakfast, lunch or dinner or anything especially with BS8 not here this weekend I'm focusing on DS3 and DD 6 months. So last weekend for whatever weekend SD didn't come on her scheduled weekend but I was glad because that meant her and BS8 wouldn't be on the same visitation schedule anymore ( she bullies BS8 , ignores him and act rude constantly to him) and also that meant v day weekend we were free of her! So SD was suppose to come yesterday and again for some reason she didn't ( I'm. It asking DH because of disengaged) so SD come over today until tomorrow and BS8 is with his father . So I found out last night BD will be going to jail Monday for 5 months for warrants, BS8 was crushed ! ( he toms BS8 he will be out of state for work) my heart breaks for BS8 because he loves his dad and BD makes sure him and BS always have a good weekend together . So I thought will this will be good for BS8 and me and finally get to do some things together for once with out SD since he will be home all the time and every weekend. I told DH about it ... so SD being super extra clingy puppy with DH which is annoying ... so I tomd DH I wanted to go to the anime comic store just to check it out ( huge mistake on my part!) we went and I knew BS 8 would enjoy coming also so I toms DH let's go and I'll come back next weekend with BS8 ( we are tight on money this weekend) of course SD had her hands full of things and DH tells her " monkey it's okay we will come next weekend and you can pick out somethings!" He said " we will prob for sure have you next weekend also since BS8 is gonna be home" I look at him pissed line um no wtf!!!!!! I guess he thinks he needs to make up his weekend since SD didn't come this whole wanted or becaise BS8 will be home every weekend now and so will SD?!?? I'm so damn pissed like seriously I'm kicking myself for even going to the place but shit I should have to not see the things I wanna see because of SD!! I wanted this to be a place just for BS 8 and I to come with each other! 


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Oh yeah, the lovely, we can't possibly do anything without SD, the world must stop until we have her.  We can't go anywhere fun unless it is an SD weekend....even though SD can go wherever and have fun with BM.  We must not have a life outside of our skid time  *bad*