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NYE weekend update w/SD

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I am sooooooooo glad the holidays are officially over omg! I can finally go a weekend without SD being around !! It's been a long 3 weekends with SD . Of her manipulation, drama filled antics! DH really really put his foot down finally this weekend ! BM and SD were already making plans with SIL for NYE with out informing DH of it . They wanted to use DH as a Uber to get SD from BM ( 2 hour drive ) then SD wanted DH to drive her to SIL to spend NYE with her ( another hour drive ) DH said NOPE not happening, we aren't going anywhere because we have plans here at home and he didn't wanna drive on NYE with the kids because drunk drivers . Of course SIL blamed it on me when DH told her we were not going . DH set her straight tho. mIL came over in the afternoon on NYE and there was SD with her "sad" face... MIL said " SD I thought you were coming with us , did you ask your mom" DH was not around but I was like really MIL ?? It's not up to BM to decide what SD does on her weekends with DH. Ugh that family ! So anywho we had a nice quiet evening at home, on another note MiL didn't really seemed concern about spending NYE with her other grandchildren..... so the weekend went on and again no interaction really from SD (since she sent that text to DH complaining about me ) and I didn't really say much to her ... oh well... she went home Sunday and I wanted to have a little party for myself lol finally omg I can't wait to enjoy next weekend SD freeeeee!!! On another note SIL dropped off SD x mas gift i guess SD left at her house and guess what.... it was that ridiculous $128 light weight lullumon zip up hoodie SD had her list ... I thought to myself oh lord ........ just keep feeding her ridiculous entitlement... a 13 year old has no business wearing a $128 light zip , it not even a warm coat . 


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Hell I don't even wear a $128 light zip, lol. Ridiculous. Glad you have an upcoming break from the antics though!