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Long fake nails and expensive shoes ... SD11

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So after missing her weekend, SD has finally come after not being over for 2 weeks. And she is making up for it with her constant need for attention and extra-ness and I am beyond annoyed! She come over with her long fake nails BM took her to get done and with her expensive air Jordans which she has to always place on top of the table or chairs because they are too expensive to touch the floor. And she made it a point to tell the other kids who expensive they were and to not touch them! Oh I had enough and told DH is SD wants her shoes on display then she doesn't need to bring them because at this house other kids live her and I don't give a flying F if anything happens to them here! This start a little fight with me and DH becaise yet again SD comes over and tried to rule our house. Then we went to MIL house which I hate doing when we have SD but I am glad for it this time! MIL and others saw SDs long fake nails and told her she was too young for that and what was BM thinking ! I was sitting there trying not to smile I was so happy! Finally MIL told SD something and SD of course got up and walked away, but it's true ! SD likes to act grown with BM yet acts like a baby when she comes over! I told DH it's true what MIL was saying and he should talk with SD about this if he Doesn't like it either. This is just too funny to me because just a few weeks ago BM was talking crap to DH because we got a new used car. Yet BM has money to spare for SD fake nails and air Jordan's ? Lol this women is full of shit! Anyways I am glad it's Sunday so SD can finally go back home, she has been acting like a damn cat who is constantly rubbing herself all over DH . Ugh yuck 


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Sorry I'm going to do a longer post, but It sounds like SD is right in her palm playing these games too. Using SD like a pawn. Toxic BM does this to SD7 too. Dyed her hair with semi permanent red dye for sports day to get a reaction out of DH. BM also manipulated SD to hate braids because she got jealous I can do them and she can't. Jealous and nasty BMs.. 

My advice is I wonder if you start acting like you don't care/agree about these things the behaviour will stop. It's tough to keep up manipulative behaviour like that when there is no audience for the reaction. For example, I started agreeing with SD saying plaits looked really nice and much quicker for me to do and all of a sudden she asked me to do a braid one day. DH told her we didn't care what she put in her hair, he will love her all the same, and all of a sudden she didn't care the red was fading away. She started wearing extravagant/adult looking earrings and I stopped commenting and taking them out. Eventually her little gold studs we bought her came back and we complimented on her and they have stayed in her ears. Typical game play stuff. I wonder if you put SD's new shoes in an old shoe box and say to her 'so we can keep them nice and safe' and put them out of sight it will shine the light off of them and it's also out of sight and out of mind. Don't comment on her nails and they won't last hopefully. If your BM is like mine, she won't put up with the maintenance for them. 

Regarding the custody, SD tried to dictate to DH about her choosing to not want to come to our house. SD once lied and said we hit her as an excuse to not come over. To be honest I don't think that was all SD, we believe she was manipulated the idea and encouraged to keep the lie going. I disengaged from SD 100% and told her if she ever lied about me like that again I'm calling a police officer over. I scared her half to death and we got an abusive text from BM saying SD was scared the police are coming over to take her to jail (LOL) but she and BM have never done that again, and DH told BM he has documented the incident and won't hesitate to take it further next time. He was very firm and told SD she does not have the choice in custody, and to never disrespect us like that again. The damage is done though, I don't trust SD and continue to downplay her manipulative and entitled behaviour. DH is right behind me doing it as well which is harder for SD too. 

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Yea I normally roll my eyes at her ridiculous behavior but the shoes was over the top! I mean putting them on top of furniture and tables! It's Ike really? I know BM is behind this behavior and encouraged it! I just can't wait for her to go back home so we have have our peaceful home back! Yea SD started To pick and choose her weekends as well with BM support. SD would even lie and say we would leave her home alone to get coffee! So I do not care for SD at all . I didn't say anything about her nails because I honestly didn't even see them until MIL comment on them. I try to pay as little attention to SD as possible when she is here. But I hope you are right because they look so crazy on her little hands lol! My DH was on my side about SD but all she has to do is come over and play daddy's little angels and he is making excuses for her