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It’s been a personal vacation!!

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I have been really enjoying my weekends since SD has not been over is a few weeks! Sometimes I am grateful BM keeps planning vacations on SD weekend! Means I do not get to see her on DH or the next weekend ( DH does not do make up weekends) it's been so nice and relaxing!! The next time she comes over will be Father's Day weekend which also happens to be DD2 birthday, I expect her to be extra extra annoying that day so I'll enjoy my little break 


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I LOVE the little breaks I am getting all of a  sudden! First SD went to the beach with friends last week so I got 9 whole days without her here (the longest ever is 6 days between visits) and shes going away next week with her mom. I am bummed FD is next weekend though. Its not our weekend with her so I would have gotten another 9 day stretch but since I know she will be her next Sunday its like we just swapped a Wed visit for a Sunday one. But hey at least it's not an extra day with her.

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It's so nice huh! She is only coming once this month which is Father's Day weeks so I am thrilled !!! BM called DH right now to ask if he could get her this Sunday until Tuesday then she would get dumped off at BM mothers house for a week until DH weekend and he said nope. I was shocked!!!!!!! He works and also we made plans sooo looks like BM will actually have to find child care for SD for a few days and actually act like a mother . The only reason why SD is not already dumped with BM mother is because BM mother is out of town.