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Finally dropped off SD!! vacation starts now

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Omg I have never ever in my life been so damn happy for a vacation to end! I woke up at 6am and started packing and we left at 9am, we just dropped off SD and you know the whole way she had to blow kisses from the back and me her obnoxious self! Last night was the grand finale, she purposely went to "lay" in our bed at 9pm so she could conviently fall sleep in our bed. I went upstairs to put the baby to sleep in her pack n play which is In our room around 10pm and there was SD "asleep" in our bed under the blankets ugh. DS3 also went to sleep in our bed but we normally move him to his bed when we go to sleep . I went down stairs and told DH SD was alseep in our bed and he needed to move her to her bed. So DH goes to do what I told him (or so I thought) he comes and said he told her to move to the other bed and he said she was "scared" omg all the sudden last night she was scared whatever!! So I tell him let's move DS3 to other bed which is on the room across from ours where SD sleeps, the room has 2 queen beds. We go up and SD moved to the other bed which is in our room!!!! Wtf?!? So I put DS3 in the bed and tell DH to bring SD out of our room and in her own bed. DH says "why" ummm because she is not 4 she is 10 and there's a room and bed for her to sleep in I also tell him AGAIN she is not a baby! He moves her ... ugh wtf with the damn games alllllll week! Ugh and we will have her again next Friday which I know will be double baby antics because it's DD birthdays on Father's Day and it's Father's Day , both days in which she will try to make about her! I will bet money she will cry per

usual on DDs birthday because she normally

does omg ...


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'DH says "why"'

Look at him with utter disbelief and ask "is that your own brain you're using or are you breaking it in for an idiot?" and walk away.

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Lol yea I looked at him in disbelief! Why would he even tell her it's okay for her to sleep in the bed next to ours,!??! He is the problem and he needs to cut the crap 

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I read this and I thought my friend's 11 year old girl has boobs already. I didn't see her during the covid lockdown, caught up the other day and thought huh?! Where did they come from?! Your SD is 10. If it's weird and wrong now to have her in the same bed it's gonna be super weird in a year or two. And that's with nothing extra creepy coming from your DH's side - apart from his usual tonedeaf responses. 

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She doesn't pull this crap at our house or I would say REAL quick that she doesn't need her own bed at our house. She was over the top !!!! 

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No kids are allowed in our room. Period. We'd never have a moments privacy. I would be so annoyed!!!

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Wait until she starts her period in a few years and then bleeds all over the bed...I wonder if your DH will be so keen to allow her to sleep in the adult bed after that.

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She has already started her period prob like 6 months ago.. she also does this for the shower. She doesn't mind DH being there and she even tries to be in the restroom when he is taking DS3 a bath and I have to say um get out!!! She was over the TOP the whole week! She left her craft crap in the car which I will be throwing away. I will be doing a clean out of her crap also because I noticed she snuck crap in her luggage she brought her for her weekend and left more junk here

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you should not be having children that are not the product of that relationship, who are not infants/toddlers sleeping in your room.

there needs to be more men saying “get the eff out!!” (Ok ok in a polite but firm way of course)

my husband just abhors this behaviour!! He is extremely firm none of my skids ever be sleeping, chilling out or entering our bedroom. There is no need for it!! There is no emergency why they must enter!! There needs to be more men like this!!

honestly if my husband refused to kick skid out or made excuses, i’d tell him to ask them for sex from now on because i am no longer your wife..

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Omg I feel you in the same level, my SD is 9 and she has been sleeping in our bed since we moved in 3 years ago, at first I was like oh she doesn't see her dad that only Wednesday after school and every other weekend so I told him it's alright for this week, it's been 3 years now. Now she always uses the excuse that she misses her dad, but conveniently is always at night and not in the whole day she is here?. Also told my BF that is time for her to slee in her own bed and bedroom since she always tells me that's her room and not her sister(me and her dad 2 year old). Which is so funny bcuz we have a baby and never once did I make her sleep between me and dad.