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Dreaded weekend with SK and holiday

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Ughhhhh in cringing at the fact that SD11 will be here later for her weekend, literally cringing. Last her last visit was awful and I'm sooooo glad she will not be staying past Sunday because DH has to work so she can not stay here for her break. Just to recap why I'm soo annoyed SD11 will be here. She never ever listens to me and starting to not listen to DH, she is a slob and leaves her trash and wrappers everywhere, she is a spoiled brat, she's attached to DH hip, she always blames things on her younger siblings . The list goes on and on but that's a few. With 3 kids in the house my home is never a mess ( besides toys laying around) when SD11 gets here it's like I damn tornado hits and it doesn't matter how many times DH tells her to clean up. I'm also not looking forward to seeing her again on thanksgiving... cringe again! I hope she doesn't try to staying another weekend! Any one else going through this? 


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Thankfully no! My SD is boycotting us right now but won't tell us why. I wish my DH would tell her to clean up when she's here because it's the same, she leaves her plates, candy wrappers and empty cans and bottles all over. My DH always assumes it was someone else that made the mess, not his precious SD... What is it with candy wrappers stuffed in the couch?? 

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They can't tell you why because there isn't a valid reason.  BTDT.  Good ole PAS.

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Yup my SD did also for a month straight because she was jealous of her moms new BF ( supposedly) and she didn't wanna leave them alone. And yes mine does the same, crap everywhere and it's never her fault. Thank god tomorrow is Sunday and I plan of leaving early and being out all day with my Kids and mom until she is back home!!! Hopefully she won't try to stay Monday . Ekkk 

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I am soooo glad I'm gone and not around her! I just hope she is actually gone when I get back