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Covid or not BM doesn’t care rant

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So I ended up taking another Rapid Covid test Thursday after I had a positive PCR a few days prior . The Rapid came back positive . DH told BM when I tested positive with the PCR because its DH weekend. BM didn't really seem phased by it and even said "did you all just have Covid lol" we had Covid a year ago in which DD 2 caught it, DS5, BS10 and both DH and I did as well and trust me it was not funny, I'm not sure wtf she would even think someone have Covid is funny but that's ignorant BM. So of course her being the POS BM that she is she told DH she had no issue with SD coming this weekend which DH left up to her . Well he failed to tell her I tested positive Thursday but I started developing symptoms Thursday night ( chills, fever) he told her friday morning that I was starting to feel really awful. Still BM said she would leave it up to Sd if she wanted to come!!!! Can you believe that???? I was telling DH it's not a good idea for SD to come because I'm isolating until no fever or symptoms wtf? I don't know why DH couldn't come out and tell her no it's not a good weekend. Well BM ends up telling DH that she doesn't think SD wants to come anyways and then she says how SD still can't make up her mind and DH needed to call SD! I was thinking wow this is unbelievable, step mom has Covid and you are letting your child decide if she still wants to come??? So finally DH gets on the phone with SD and tells her it's not a good idea because I have Covid and I have fever . Then BM felt the need to tell DH "she doesn't want to go because step mom has COVID LOL" again why the hell is that funny ? It's certainly not funny to me and it would not have been funny if SD came and caught it??? This woman I swear she's a real B


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Sure, most people survive it, have mild symptoms.  But some die.  Some have severe symptoms.  Some end up in the hospital.  Some have long term problems afterwards.  I would think she'd want to keep her child safe from covid as much as possible.  Covid is no laughing matter.  Does she really think it's no big deal or that it's a hoax?  More likely she wants to get rid of SD for a while.  Oh and blame you and your husband if SD gets sick too, and better yet, SD would have to isolate with you and your husband.  After all, BM doesn't want to get sick too.   He needs to stand firm and tell her no, SD can't come over right now unless BM wants to risk her getting sick.  Some people shouldn't be allowed to reproduce and it sounds like this BM is one of them.  

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I'm sorry you're sick, COVID sucks. 

In your shoes, I would disinfect the house and move to my bedroom for my stepkids visit. It's not their fault I got COVID so I don't think they should miss out on time with their Dad. 

Anyway, sounds like it's too late for that option for you anyway so just take the time to rest up and take care of yourself. I hope your DH manages to miss the virus.