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Anxiety level is UP … here we goooo

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So today is the first time SD has been over since she lied to BM and BMs family about how we "force her to babysit" our children. It was prettt bad but I have really enjoy the state of peace my house has been in since SD has not been over . I can't but feel uncomfortable and anxious to have her on our home again but DH had a talk with her about her lying and the actions of her lies. I told him of this happens again and drama is yet again brought in our home because of her lies he would have to visit her elsewhere. SD has even request to stay throughout the week and im especially not gonna enjoy that because these kids get wild at night and I have to still wake up early for work but it will be up to DH to parent her and I'm also not getting any extra food for her, I spend enough on groceries for the house alone , DH can get her food and this girl loves to snack . For my own sanity I will be staying to myself , I don't care if SD thinks whatever she wants about me. I'm sure she will think it anyways. But I refused to be burned again and again by her so I'm just gonna mind my own business. I have brunch scheduled tomorrow and relaxing by the pool Sunday so here's to hoping for a stress free weekend 


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I completely understand now how nice it is to not have the skids stay. Neither one of mine stays with us anymore. They basically only come every other weekend to have breakfast with us for like an hour.(of course it is if they make time for SO) I talk to them when they are here for that time but the relief I have that they are not here is amazing.  SO evens talks about downsizing and moving since they don't stay anymore. I am glad you have found other things to do while she is there. Enjoy.

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This is how it should be 

Whoever thought "blending" feral skids into your home was a good idea is a total baffoon idiot. 

Disney parents can go their their exes house for visits, take those obnoxious skids out to the park/library/grandmas house or wherever......anywhere but my peaceful abode

After dealing with these skids every weekend, after 2 hours, I'm ready for them to head back to where they belong 

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When Chef's ferals came over, it felt like I was taken hostage in my own home and that everything I said or did would be twisted and used against me.   My "captors" called all the shots and Chef was on "their team."


All 3 were double-O-sevens and reported EV-ER-Y-THING back to the mothership.

PS I envy your Sunday plans.   I have a small swim spa that doubles as a pool, but I have to mow the rental lawns tomorrow.

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My step kids got wild at night too when they were younger... Loud, yelling, shrieking, laughing, play fighting.. You could just tell they weren't used to rules around the house. Nonstop snacks and the mess being left everywhere... In fact the first thing she did when she got here was look in the snack cupboard and then complain it there wasn't enough (unhealthy) snacks in there and then wanted her dad to run out for separate snack runs even though we had stuff that the other kids were fine with... 

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Yeah, I hear you! Its a beautiful Saturday afternoon, Ive got some things done, and am getting ready for an art show and a bday party. And just got the "heads up phone call". As this was supposed to be husbands visitation week, and she was with friends the first part of it, and she "needs a break from toxic troll for a little bit", hes picking up power sulk and then sometime this weekend she needs to go shopping for school.

I told him that he should do it tomorrow (sunday) and that way I can do my own thing - go on a hike or do something fun.

Surprise! She got her permit. Maybe he will take her shopping and take her driving.

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One thing I loathe about feral skid visits is how they think they run the house and can do wtf they please

Then the Disneyland parent lets them run amuck

Hell NO!!!!

Disneyland parents better get a grip or they'll be right back SINGLE parenting those feral skids and struggling by themselves 

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I hope you're able to get away and enjoy that time at the pool sans step kid. We all need a break sometimes. 

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Out of anyone on this site I can definitely relate to your situation the most-- I delete my posts for privacy (I don't trust BM or her clan) but everything you post- I can relate with my SS15. 

It's to the point where the bad outweighs any good and even if there were good- it's hard to trust it given the history. I ask myself daily- why come here if you're miserable?!

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I hope you ended up having a peaceful weekend. Those seem few and far between these days...