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Oh the holidays … bring on the drama.

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Because I know better by now. The holidays always equal BM skipping out and leaving SD wherever . It's been this way for years. It's funny to me because BM is always making excuses for SD not coming over but never fails around the holidays she can't wait to drop her off somewhere for weeks and weeks . DH tried to do the alternating holidays since SD told every one she doesn't like to stay at our house but BM will pull the " I don't wanna drive get her " move .

It’s always something… isn’t it?

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This is always the case when it come to SD coming or not coming on her weekends. BM always has a excuse for SD not coming over which SD adotpts as her own excuse . We know it's important for SD14 to come and from you guys have told me she needs to come over standy , this is what we have been trying to push for but SD refuses to come. The drive is about 3 hrs so it's not very easy for DH to go after work only to drive back because SD doesn't want to come. Well finally after maybe over a month DH is meeting BM ( they meet half way) to get SD14.

Here I am again ! Good and bad

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I'm here again.... while I do enjoy this page I have hoped I would not need to vent anymore and steplife was smooth... I just read the last comments on my previous post and it's a bit annoying that some think my DH is never "there" for SD. Since the last post my DH did buy SD her own bed, picked out a brand new mattress ( nicer then any of the kids ) brand new cover sets, he completely redid the room so she has her own space . It's a prettt neat spot for her the have privacy. Has she come

Seriously WTF

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So SD is finally over , I'm assuming only because her birthday is tomorrow so time to gather gifts . She has not been over in about a month , she is barely here now and when she is here she sleeps on one of the couches( we have 2 very large sofas) she has never complained . We are in the process of getting a bunk bed but literally she is never here, and we have 4 kids who live here . DD1 and DD4 share a room , BS11 and Ds7 share a room. We literally have no space. We are actually trying to clear out some of the babies jumpers and clean out stuff in the garage because it's way too clutter.

Anxiety level is UP … here we goooo

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So today is the first time SD has been over since she lied to BM and BMs family about how we "force her to babysit" our children. It was prettt bad but I have really enjoy the state of peace my house has been in since SD has not been over . I can't but feel uncomfortable and anxious to have her on our home again but DH had a talk with her about her lying and the actions of her lies. I told him of this happens again and drama is yet again brought in our home because of her lies he would have to visit her elsewhere.

You can NOT make up this BS …

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And now BMs dad has been brought into the fold... just a little update from my post yesterday. Out of all the years I have been with DH, BMs father has never ever said one mean word to DH. He has always been pretty much kind. DH has never had an issue with him before ever. So I find  it pretty odd that BM father would go off the deep end annd call DH speaking lies .

Another lie upon lies from SD

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And I'm done ! Like absolutely DONE with SD13! She started a whole bunch of drama about 2 months ago , she brought crazy drama to our house and I told DH if she ever did that again she really would not be welcome here. SD has already lied to BM , MIL and SIL painting a picture like she is the victim and "not welcome " in our home . I had a talk with her telling her the opposite after that drama died down. I had a real heart to heart with her and tried to be there for her more . And I got burned again!!!!!! Sd didn't come for her weekend Of course because BM planned a vacation. Whatever !

Ah yes another great holiday… NOT

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So it's fathers and I'm home with DD11 months , DH is getting his massage I scheduled for him and my MIL and SIL are pooping all over me because I did not go to DH nieces birthday Pool celebration today which I was not even invited too. Normally I could give a rats ass if MiL and SIL were upset with me BUT DH is sort of taking their side and not respecting my boundaries in which I have decided to start disengaging from his family for sooo many reasons . I made it clear to DH a week ago that today for me is sort of a touchy day because I lost my father about 11 years ago.

Y’all I’m about to effing pop off! I’m sick of this !!!!

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So I guess we can't even escape for a damn over night trip to the beach with out SIL bugging DH is he is going to go to her house to see SD 13 you know since they came back from their out of the country 10 day vacation in which they ONLY took SD per usual. They landed I guess on Friday , MIL was already texting DH "your daughter has arrived ! " I knew they were going to try to make him feel bad about not seeing her but it was BM weekend!!!! I wanted to say " okay?