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Back home after leaving....

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So if you read my last blog you know I finally had to leave DH. I left with my kiddos to my moms house, I even let DH have the kiddos last weekend so it was nice to have a little break. DH and I had been talking through out the time I was gone because we don't want our family to be broken yet I can not handle the issues and lack of parenting of SD10! So after some discussions we came back home a few days ago and guess who calls DH crying.... SD! And I'm thinking omg here we go but DH and I had a very detailed conversation about him parenting her more to help her!

COVID hit home

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Well corona virus finally hit close to home for us. My sisters brother in law and wife has tested positive. She was around them last weekend and she has been around my family as well. We are all testing tomorrow, I cancelled DD 1 little family birthday gathering and BS8 will not be going to BD house for Father's Day. I told DH and he said SD prob should not come over then, it's like really you think.

BM aka bug a boo!

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Omg here comes freaking BM with her continued crap and pawning of SD on us yet again! I'm beyond annoyed!!! We just had her for over a week on what was hell vacation if you read my last blog! We can't get a break because it's DH weekend again and I know with DD party on Saturday and Father's Day on Sunday I'll well be more hell with SD fighting for Attention and what not but atleast she was going home Sunday... then I happen to see a text come across DH phone from DH and I immediately thought wtf does she want and it reads " I was hoping you could help" I'm like help with what .

Finally dropped off SD!! vacation starts now

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Omg I have never ever in my life been so damn happy for a vacation to end! I woke up at 6am and started packing and we left at 9am, we just dropped off SD and you know the whole way she had to blow kisses from the back and me her obnoxious self! Last night was the grand finale, she purposely went to "lay" in our bed at 9pm so she could conviently fall sleep in our bed. I went upstairs to put the baby to sleep in her pack n play which is In our room around 10pm and there was SD "asleep" in our bed under the blankets ugh.

Hell and back AKA vacation day 4

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Last night was horrible and it got even worse ! After again being treated like I was on vacation with a friend and his child I was fed up with it. I just had a talk with DH about the issue woth SD the night before yet there we were yet again! It was day filled with SD trying in any way possible to be close to DH  all the time, the baby talk, the obnoxious loud laughing at anything DH says. Last night I was exhausted from our hike, SD and everything else. I was laying in the couch with DD1 and I asked DH to come sit with us.

Vacation day 3 with SD

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Soo after the talk with my DH about helping me more with DD1 and DS3 and to stop babying SD10 and we have on vacation together!!!!! Things have gotten better we did have a slip up yesterday . We went to a swimming hole which required ALoT of climbing which was exhausting which carrying DD1, full cooler, swim totes, stroller, chairs and all. We just hung out near the shallow area with the littles . DH kept telling SD10 to go out and play in the water like soooo many other kids were doing ( the water was knee deep to her all the way through) and she would not go! She kept hanging around DH .

Sorry!!!! Vacation trip is hell

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That's how stressed I am! I put Va as subject and posted it lol. So basically I'm am SD 10 and DHs vacation trip, I planned this family trip for DH, SD, DS3,DD1 and BS8. I finally needed a escape from the chaos and was looking forward to staying on the river in a nice home relaxing! So we had SD10 for her weekend and I dunno what happened but all the sudden my DH went from actually parenting his spoiled entitled mini wife to now living totally up her butt!!! This weekend was annoying, the clinging and baby talk ! I told him to stop. So now Monday day one of vacation .

Sometimes you gotta handle it yourself!

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So I posted a blog yesterday about how DH told SD to clean out her old junk on her room to make room for her new dunk if she wanted to keep it here. SD brought a huge tub of "crafts" and a bog big of art stuff and countless more books which I have no idea why she did this. SD has never ever read a single book she MUST have here, SD never uses any of the countless color books she has here or the craft boxes or the color or really anything she has here... but whatever if she wants them I guess as long as more crap is not coming in and she shares a room with DD which they split the space.