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MIL teaching SD to be a mini wife

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If you have read my blogs before you know the struggle I have with my over stepping MIL. Also SD has not been coming on her weekends and when she does she will stay at MIL house the entire weekend, good... Funny how SD all the sudden cares about MiL when she never ever did before . I also think SD is over there telling them lies as to why she does not wanna come to our house. SD has been extremely jealous of the fact the DH has other children, something that BM has also expressed .

SD is gracing us with her presence… ugh

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As some of you know SD birthday passed in August. sad birthday weekend fell on DH weekend to have her but of course BM planned a vacation that weekend of course and took off with SD right after school on Friday. MIL was planning a small get together at her place that weekend which was canceled and was told To SD we could celebrate when she decided to come again.. ok my issues with that as many of you know.. SD13 is a entitled little brat whom does not care to see or visit with anyone in this house or with MIL for that matter.

SD birthday … yes a month later ..

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Y'all DH is really really starting to piss me off with his LACK of handling little brat SD! I have tried to remove myself from the situation of her but some how it keeps involving me! Me refuses to parent her and make her responsible for the storm she stirs up! I found out SD has been ignoring him and he just tans and ask BM after he lied to me And said SD tells him if she wants To come or not. No wonder why BM is annoyed and I am too!

Is this common or is BM up to no good

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DH just got a letter incthe mail from the Attorney General asking for a financial breaking of his income, what he pays, all account and how much he has in them and cash on hand. This is very strange because he has never ever received a letter like this before . Not even when he fell behind on child support a few years ago after his company down sized. But he did pay all the back pay with his tax refund. BM has been especially rude though with her text messages to him and her verbal abuse towards him and our children so I would not doubt it if she filed a claim or complaint against him.

SD birthday coming up RANT!

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I have been on here a lot lately due to the constant drama of SD and BM but mainly BM! We have not heard a peep from her since she went off on DH last weekend but I'm guess since SD birthday is around the corner she will be making her request to DH, what is he doing for her and getting her and such. It just so happens also that her birthday weekend falls on DHs weekend which is the weekend of the 26th.. yay me!

Pls talk me out of going OFF on BM

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I told DH before if BM ever talked shit about our children again I would go off on her ... and this morning she decided to wake up and be a salty ass b.... right at 9 this morning she sends DH a rude text asking when he is gonna make payments to the child support portal again ( since he has not been working he is doing payments thru the portal) he should not have even replie to her but he said once he gets more from his side jobs he will send more .... she then decided to send a long ass story and I'll quote some below

Pour me some champagne… NO SD again

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I guess I'm the only one seriously enjoying this long break from SD who has not been over for her weekend visit for some weeks now. She has not cared enough to even meet her new baby sister who was born on July 18th which just proves what I have been saying and thinking about her all these years, she only cares about herself. I know it sucks for DH to not see his daughter but he also had a part in creating the entitled selfish little brat.    DH texted and called SD today to ask if she will be coming this weekend and what a suprise he got no reply ...

Recent developments with BM .. makes me want out

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Maybe it's the dark rainy weather today or the hormonal imbalance my body is still trying to recover from after having DD but I am effing DONE with step life , BM and SD. I'm back at work ( working from home) and trying to juggle kids until school starts, newborn and work and trying to also take care of myself and mental health which seems impossible. I have tried to ignore the drama with SD and BM but I recent found out it was BM behind the text messages from SD to DH when dd was born.

Venting .. I don’t want SD around

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If you read my last post you know how SD12 had to over shadowed the birth of DH and my daughter with her all the sudden sense of exclusion... well I shouldn't say all the sudden, hell she has been through this 3rd times already and the girl and BM need to get over themselves. Our DD3, DS5 and my BS10 are all delighted to have a baby sis, my BS10 will always ask to hold her it's so sweet. That's how you should feel toward your sibling, love and instead SD 12 continues to feel resentment and it's really really starting to piss me off honestly.