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Is this a little strange?

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So we normally get SD10 EOW but with the whole stay at home order we decided to keep SD the weekend and this week. SD is usually the center of attention ( or tries to be) when she is here. DHand I have DD 9 months DS3 and BS8 so while I'm working 9 hours from home DH is In charge of DD and DS . I get BS8 on learning from home. Well I guess SD doesn't like the attention the smaller kids are getting and has really been up DHs butt to the point where it's annoying DH and he tells her he has to help me with the kids so I can works.

Of course SD is here coughing !!!

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Omg ugh I'm sooo pissed finally it was DH weekend to get SD and she is here coughing saying "it's allergies" Yea I don't really give a F you are coughing in my babies face and allergies never make me cough! I told. DH to make sure to ask if SD was even remotely sick before she came and of course BM didn't know because BM has been living in another city and letting her family take care of SD. SD even admitted when she got in the car that she has been going to a lot of different family member houses!!! Im said her that was t good because we have not been going anywhere at all!!!!!!

Stimulus check BS vent!!!

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Soooo Im happy about this relief we should be getting because my hours have been effected and DH lost his job so this will help!! I did hear back pay on child support will be taken out but they already took out back pay from DH tax refund so we should be good right ? Which also chaps my ass because BM does not have SD 10 living with her for going on 5 months now even though BM has full custody. Also BM didn't work in 2019 but so got someone to claim SD so she could get a check plus she got back pay money when she doesn't even have SD!!!

Self quarantine/ shelter in place protocol

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So update to our situation here in Houston is no active lockdown or shelter in place but everything is closed pretty much. I just found out my boss is at the hospital to test for corona virus!!! Some co workers and I were around here Friday so we have been exposed. Over the weekend I had low grade fever and asthma flared up so SD did not come.

Worried/ annoyed about visitation this weekend

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So I just found out that BM let S10 stay with BM sister who JUST 2 weeks ago travelled outside the US ( she said tickets were cheap, yes they are idiots) so BM let SD stay with her sister ( BM always finds someone to watch and take care of SD) SD has been at the sisters house all week. Meanwhile at our house we have been basically staying Indoors and keeping healthy. I work from home now and all kids have been home BS8 ( has asthma) DS3 and DD 9 months .

COVID19 and school closings!

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So I have a concern...I live in Houston, Tx and right now we have about 18 cases of the corona virus and stores are already selling out of basic grocery needs. I was fortunate to get a nice supply of food items we will need should the city be locked down. I have DD 8 months, DS3 and BS8 who has asthma. I bought enough supplies for my children also keeping in mind BS8 will be home from school and has been home from school but he normally does not over snack.

How to catch a slick SKid!

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So SD has moved to different tactics to mess big with BS8 ( sometimes to get BS8 in trouble) and to have dadddeee force attention on "good" SD. I have been noticing strange things occurring ONLY when SD is visiting on her EOW with us. Before is was BS8 items in his rooms missing, this resulted in me putting SD in the room with DD 8 months because of course daddeee didn't see proof Sd was doing anything...

Regressing back to Disney dad.... ughhhhh

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I'm super super annoyed this weekend with SD and DH Im trying to keep my inner peace strong but SD and DH are really trying me!!!! DH had come a long way with mini wife manipulative baby SD10 and BM started to PAS SD. So BM kept SD for 2 of DH weekends. So of course when SD comes this weekend DH is soooooo far up her ass it's annoying AF, in fact they are far up each other's ass. Normally SD hasn't been so clingy but I'm thinking she thinks it's ok because DH is feeding into it and baby talking her ( guilty dad since SD has been gone) my BS8 is not here this weekend so SD is worse!!!!

C/S and Insurance

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DH recently lost his job last Friday due to company lay offs, the horrible thing is he Just caught his back pay for child support for the previous time he lost his job about 2 years ago. The first time he lost his job (downsizing) BM gave him a extremely hard time about it and belittled him and told him he HAD to try to get Medicaid for SD ( BM didn't have a job at the time) . He didnt presue this because SD does not live with us so he can not file Medicaid for her. Their C/O doesn't state anything about DH much pay insurance but he always had because BM never worked.