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OT - Wordy Wednesday

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Happy Hump Day, STalkers!

I love words. I cannot remember a time when I didn't write (okay, flashbacks before age 4 aside...). There is a word for everything and some of those words, regardless of the meaning, are fun! Well, they are to me. *biggrin*  Taking a break from work/life...

Some of my favorite words:

  • Skedaddle
  • Flabbergasted
  • Gadzooks
  • Discombobulated
  • Brouhaha
  • Kerfuffle
  • Shenanigans
  • Forsooth
  • Bamboozled
  • Lollygag
  • Malarkey
  • Nincompoop
  • Fahrvergnügen
  • Piehole
  • Fiddlesticks


What words make you smile/chuckle?


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For whatever reason, 'kerfuffle' makes me think of cake icing. *unknw*  I'm weird!

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I think it's one of those words that perfectly sounds like it's meaning, which is why it always makes me chuckle Smile

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I use "discombobulated" quite a lot.  My favourite word with regard to the foul NPD BM, lol is the German word "schadenfreude" - there is no direct translation into English, but it means "taking pleasure in someone else's misfortune" - and yes, I do - as she took pleasure for years in making me suffer. 

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Kes, when I was little, I thought the word was "disco-populated"! My Dad got such a kick out of that. Biggrin

Those foul BMs need karma in the worst way...

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It means vulgar and prostitutite like . I liked to call North Korea meretricious

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although not a word should.  I used it ALOT...especially given my line of work.

malevolent...also a fav

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Banjaxed.  If its really bad, it becomes fecking banjaxed.

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I like that! Per Merriam-Webster, it's "chiefly Irish" which brings to mind...

Whale Oil Beef Hooked *dirol*

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Yes it is Irish.  You can even buy a fridge magnet with the phrase at Dublin Airport.

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Of course you can! I also like 'dipshidiot', which I learned here at STalk. My DH says 'dipshidiot' now! *lol*

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Flustered.  It's a common word, but it so appropriately conveys it's meaning!  Spiralled.  Chrysanthemum (such an odd grouping of letters to start a word!).  Churlish.  Heck.  Which is with a period, not an exclamation mark and is usually said when I drop something incredibly messy on the floor or when something goes extremely wrong....I just love the understated finality of..."Well heck".  Hell has too much emotion.  Heck is such a sound of resignation, of pulling up my socks and trudging through.) Oh...Truding.  Love truding.

I adore Kerfuffle!

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The spicy smell of Chrysanthemums....mmmmmmm.

I just learned something (work) that has me feeling churlish with several people and I want to start a mini kerfuffle over it...

What is truding?

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ROFL Truding may be my new fav word.  It's a horrible spelling mistake for trudging!  I love the visual of trudging.  From the movie

.A Knights Tale - Trudging - Meeting Geoffrey Chaucer - YouTube



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sarcasm at its finest.   ;)

May not be a "real" word but is  in the Stalker dictionary .

Gawd it would be flucking funny to have a SM dictionary. A lingo we all have mastered.

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Excellent idea! We could definitely use a STalker dictionary I should create a post for "STalker Dictionary Submissions" and publish from time to time. 

Such as: Skidmas - a Skid's Christmas.

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Luv it

That would be perfecto if you did.

I am sure the ladies and gents on here have a few doozies. 

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"Fizzog" slang for face, bastardized from the french word visage.