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OT - Women Wednesday

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Happy Hump Day, STalkers! Sorry this is so late in the day, but I'm trying to not overdo things on the computer screen (and still using JAWS part-time).

The world continues to be a cross between an apocalyptic nightmare and an introvert's dream.

What are you doing to take care of YOU? I have been:

  • Smashing bath bombs and using spoonfuls in my foot spa (lavender smells soooooooo good)
  • Listening to Sibelius, eyes closed, and doing NOTHING else (except that foot spa)
  • Cloud watching (not a problem with a little blurred vision)
  • Cooking from scratch. Yes, COOKING. I love to cook, but reading any recipes was a pain. And as much as I love my DH, he's like an annoying little boy in the kitchen. Hovers, sticks his head over the pot to sniff, wants to openthe oven door, always asking stuff... "What's that?" "What's it taste like?" "What'd you just put in?" "Can I have a taste?" LOL


What are you doing to self-soothe, relax, and take care of YOU - physically or mentally?


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Exercising. I started back full time this week so I get out and walk through out the day, it breaks up the monotony of sitting back at my desk and gets me out in the fresh air.

I bake bread when I am home, I have perfected my french bread and have started working on making pretzels. I also love having music on in the back ground it makes time go by faster.

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Oh pretzels are easy!  Yum so so good fresh.  I just made focaccia for the first time and we were all wondering where that bread had been all our lives.  Just out of the oven and we ate almost half of it.

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Foccacia is good! I like it with pear and gorgonzola with honey drizzled over the top.

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I have never tried to make pretzels. Now I want warm pretzels with cheese sauce...

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Hey Aniki - we bought a fishing boat. LOl. To forstall any new child support orders I am claiming its mine lol. Still kind of giddy over it.

Bingeing unapologetically on netflix.

Eating carbs. No guilt, for now.

Calling old friends. 

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Cool! Fishing is my DH's favorite pastime. If I can't be IN the water, being ON it is the next best thing.

Carbs... nom nom nom.

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Drinking a LOT of wine.  Before the UK lockdown, we were in the process of buying a new house and selling ours. Our chain of buyers and sellers has 6 participants, and the 1st time buyers at the bottom of the chain have decided to reduce their offer - we don't yet know by how much - in view of COVID house price falls. If others in the chain are all prepared to absorb a little of this reduction then it may still all go through - but sadly I have a bad feeling that it may not.  I suspect the people whose house we're buying will not budge on price.  If my suspicion is correct then the chain will collapse and it will be back to square one for us.  

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I am taking a daily walk midday as well as hitting the Elliptical and am going to add yoga a few times a week. Reading more, cooking more and my god Aniki my husband is a clone of yours in the kitchen. He cannot walk past a pot without stirring or sniffing.  Doing more yard work.  I am working on an oral history of my mom's life.  She's 93 and the last of her generation on both sides of the family.  And drinking.  I am definitely drinking more.  I think that's a function of the weather. Spring has been rainy and cold here.  




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Crspyew, is your DH one who likes to eat but hates to cook? Mine is only in the kitchen to make coffee or pester me. *lol*

That oral history sounds so cool. I need to look into that.

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Getting out as much as possible.  Exercise outside when it's not raining and cold. Mountain biking different snowmobile trails in the state forests. Still some snow at the higher elevations, but hopefully will be able to go hiking soon and kayaking soon. 

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I've made it a point to go out and get some vitamin sunshine every day. I'm looking forward to kayaking and canoeing this year.

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Moving as much as possible - hiking when I can, walking, riding my bike, gardening. My DD was de-sodding for me today and put a shovel through the PVC pipe that leads from the sump pump/house to the street, so learning how to repair that lol.  Previous owner needs a beating for it being less than 2 inches below the surface.   

Learning how to make nut cheese from scratch.  Next up is fresh pasta.

Like some others, drinking more often.  I am still careful with my drinks per night, but it's definitely more frequent.  

Finished a book!  I usually read a lot but have been unable to focus lately except for weird books such as how the Titanic disaster coincided with the end of the Edwardian era.  I know. 

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Nut cheese? As in no dairy? Interesting. I am very interesting in learning to make fresh pasta. No machine.

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It's still early here!

1) Jogging.  I started walking, then part jogging, now I'm mostly jogging 4x a week for an hour at a time in the early mornings.  Alone time.  Beautiful scentery.  Exercise.

2) Going for a short walk with a neighbor or hanging out with her on her deck.  Appropriately distanced.

3)  Cooking or baking when YSD isn't here so I can make whatever I want.  DH has noticed the difference and I don't care.  He can cook for her since she's reverting back to 5 yo food choices and I don't play that game.

4) Reading for a good long time on Saturday mornings  Since I work remote I can get a little more done around the house during the weekdays so I have some extra time to myself on the weekend.

I would say we are both drinking more, but it's still w/in reasonable limits.  We've just cut back on buying alcohol so it's not in the house.  DH is fully cut off from any ice cream.  He has no filter with that stuff.

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Cover, so funny you mention ice cream. It wasn't more than an hour ago that I was thinking I could really go for some! How about vanilla with Kahlua drizzled over it?

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I'll be honest, I'm doing everything bad. Drinking too much. Smoking too much. Eating too much. Not exercising enough. Between COVID-19, my high stressed job and us closing our business, it's my only way to cope. lol

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You're making it, DPW, and that's the important thing.  I've stopped paying attention to the people bragging on social media about optimizing their quarantine time.  I don't always want to be optimizing, sometimes I just want to stay in my pajamas and eat popcorn and drink wine and watch the X-Files for the 800th time.  

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Mmmmm.... Mulder. My lifetime crush Wink

I'm with you. I'm not apologizing for my lack of productivity. 

Thanks doll! Hope you are hanging in there too!

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Gimmy, is it just me or do you get the feeling some of the braggarts are seeking attention? Not coping with the fact that they can't do their "look at me" on person?

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Not just you.  Totally agree, attention seeking and needing to feel important.

I have an IG to follow my DD's art, cat accounts, and Leslie Jordan, who is an absolute hoot by the way.  I've unfollowed or muted anyone who is doing this crap because I have zero time for that. 

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SD26 just deleted her FB account because... BioHo. SD and I talked for 3+ hours yesterday. But that's a whole 'nother animal.

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DPW, you're coping and that's good enough! Many of us have been thrown into unexpected situations and it's not always easy to suddenly shift gears and keep going and act like it's just another day. I had to make a number of changes to WFH and, quite frankly, it SUCKS. Work has invaded my sanctuary. I find myself thinking about work far too often, getting less sleep (I'm already an insomniac), and craving comfort foods like bread and cake. I ate an entire box of GSC trefoils in one day. *sorry2*

I confess: I've been craving cigarettes. And I quit smoking 9 years ago. Hang in there, hon. We'll get through this. {{hugs}}

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I am not even going to tell you how many bags of potatoes I've gone through.  They are my ultimate comfort food.  My DD and I have long talks about the relative merits of different kinds of potatoes and the best potato for each recipe.  Potato heads, I tell ya. 

It's so nice to see you back.  It's better here when you're around. 

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DH snuck a YUGE bag of potatoes under the grocery cart. I didn't see it until we got home. I need to google potato and onion recipes!!!

Thank you, sweetie. I have to make sure I don't overdo it so I'll be in and out. XO

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My plan was to get my body in super good shape, do something with my hair, redecorate pretty much every room in my house, write a novel, re-learn Spanish, cook every night, and get my gardens prepped for spring.

What have I actually done? Read 23 books in seven weeks. And drank lots of coffee.

Meh. Pardon

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I drank lots of coffee, freezer prepped food, and COOKED. Our freezer and deep freezer are full. Only things we'll need soon will be milk, eggs, and fsome fresh produce. I have plenty of easy meals ready to go!