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OT - Weight Watchin' Wednesday

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Welcome to WWW! 

WWW is for sharing tips and ideas and options for healthier alternatives.

Tomorrow is IT, STalkers. The beginning (for me) of the holiday feasting. Most of us will celebrate something over the nex few weeks: Thanksgiving, Christmas, holiday parties, Pig Out (food) days at work... And those things that happen all year 'round: birthday parties, bridal showers (ugh), family reunions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, class reunions, wedding anniversaries (another invite!), gender reveals, baby showers... Would anyone like to change places with me on Sunday at a much-dreaded baby shower?? LOL

Maybe you've been saving up for weeks/months. Dieting for Seasons Eatings so you can have that second piece of pie without remorse. But along with all of the partying and too many good eats is the Beverage Consumption.

Hot chocolate, wine, egg nog, hot cider, beer, mulled wine, wassail... all of them loaded with calories and (often) sugar. Ugh!!! Sure, you can add pop to your vodka or whiskey, but that's MORE sugar and calories. Or you're drinking the pop with chemically-laden caca (artificial sweeteners) that leave a bad aftertaste like a mouthful of nasty hotel pool water. BLECH!

What are some things you can do to lighten the load? Cut down on the calories and sugar? Or even just cut back on the alcohol? Here are a few of mine:

  • Drink light beer. Mich Ultra/Ultra Light, Heineken/Corona/Coors/Bud Lights, Yuengling Light or Lager. Less filling.... less taste! I'd rather drink one reeeeeeally good stout and stick to water ther rest of the night, but to each their own. 
  • Bypass the Bailey's and choose clear hard liquor. Liqueurs (like Bailey's, Kahlua, Galliano) are made by mixing alcohol and sugar. In fact, to be called as such, a liqueur has to be at least 2.5% sugar by weight. Gaaaaah!!! Spirits (hard liquors) are made by fermenting grains, veggies, fruits, and other stuff in a process called "distillation". During distillation, all sugars are removed from teh liquor, which means that they are sugar-free. BUT they still contain calories! Stick with clear spirits/liquors that are around 40% alcohol: vodka, gin, whiskey, scotch, brandy, rum, and tequiiiiiiiila. 
  • Swap the pop! Bubble up your beverage with sparkling waters that are sugar/calorie/chemical-free, like LaCroix or Klarbrunn. Add a squeeze of fresh citrus (lemon, lime, blood orange) to bump up the flavor. 
  • Lighten it up! Turn your glass of wine into a spritzer using club soda or sparkling water. Folks in my area lighten up their eggnog: 75% eggnog and 25% Vernor's gingerale.
  • Word of warning: tonic water typically contains about 32 grams of sugar in a 12 oz serving. Try using club soda and a dash of bitters. Bitters come in many flavors. Rhubarb is my favorite!


What are your tips to lighten it up? Please share!

Whatever you do, please do not drink and drive. Call a taxi, call Uber, call a friend. Have a Designated Driver (DH and I take turns being Designated Driver and Designated Drinker). Stay safe, STalkers!


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Drink water before the meal :)  Helps hydrate your body, the body can make you feel hungry when you're dehydrated as well, plus the water takes up a bit of space.  Focus on the turkey (or ham) before digging into all the sides, and try to make smart choices on the sides (just because it has veggies in it, doesn't mean it's healthy by the time it has 24 lbs of dressing on it!). Small samples of things you like but know aren't great for you.  That way you're not depriving, or stuffing your body with it!

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Yes, PA! Drink that water. In fact, drinking ice water will help you burn a few extra calories because your body has to warm up the water.

When I'm at events with a LOT of food, I take a small spoonful (a sample) of the things that look tasty. Allows me to try multiple things without going overboard.


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Hey, PA,

Since this is darling Ani's blog, I know that she won't mind a slight detour.

I'll bet the farm that I'm not the only PA fan on ST who needs an update from you. What are your plans for tomorrow? Will you be able to spend it with family? You're often in my thoughts, Hon, and there are mucho positive vibes heading your way from Canada! 

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I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Aniki, and all the other Stalkers as well.

I've got no tips other than I hope everybody has a wonderful day whatever they are doing.

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  I really don't have any tips.  I hope everyone enjoys the day.  Feast away is my advice.  I have gestational diabetes for the second holiday season in a row!  So no feasting for me and no Christmas goodies.  I just keep telling myself next year.

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Happy Thanksgiving, CompletelyPuzzled!

How to eat at Thanksgiving with Gestational Diabetes

  • Anything green, put it on your plate! (Salad, brussel sprouts, green beans, collard greens, etc.)
  • Add a good sized serving of turkey or ham.
  • Pick carbs that are real food and/or have added protein or fat over carbs that don’t. (Corn, mac & cheese and mashed potatoes over dressing and candied yams.)
  • Eat carbs minimally. (Eat just a couple bites of high carb dishes.)
  • Assess the overall glycemic index of your plate. (Be sure that the carbs are outweighed by the protein and fat.

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Make time for walks in between the eating.

Biggrin Burn the calories so you dont feel so full and gastrically compromised.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful DH ,Aniki.

I chickened out with making the eggnog. Bought some full fat Southern Comfort brand instead and some cognac per your suggestion coz never tried that in eggnog and  new bottle of rum.

In the vein of sinfully rich and delicious Thanksgiving /holiday food I have one word ~ potica...

Pain to make but so worth it.

Wait make that three more words ~sage bread's all about the carbs here!

Diet starts? maybe Saturday.

I figured I can be mindful for 3 weeks before Christmas and all the yummy cookies. 

So envious you have snow! Trade ya..rain here.


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Potica! Nom nom nom...

Evan Williams is only $8 a bottle. No miss, no fuss!

Happy Thanksgiving, Wicked. <3

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OMG, wicked!

I just looked up 'potica' and I'M MAKING IT! 

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I just started my day with 2 boiled eggs and coffee. Ill probably have a healthy snack before i go(fruit or veggie) and then on to 2 family gatherings and a weekend of traveling so I packed some healthy on the go stuff and some green tea too.

Ill probably save my appetite for the second gathering and since my son is xoming to town this afternoon I know we will get lots of exercise. He likes to walk everywhere!

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I had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean and skim milk. In an hour, I'll have 2 boiled eggs and a banana. That will hold me until the big feast so I won't be starving and overindulge!