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OT - Weight Watchin' Wednesday

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Happy Hump Day, STalkers!

For quite some time now, , I've been toying with the idea of doing a weekly Weight Watchin' Wednesday blog. This has been floating around in my mind since I told my sister that I substituted Zoodles for pasta and got lectured on how "You Can't Cut Out Food Groups!". That was NOT my intention. My intention was trying to make better, HEALTHY choices.

That being said, this is: 

     NOT to hold you accountable on your weight.
     NOT about losing weight.

Yes, there are those of us (me!) who want to lose a few pounds, but there are people who want to maintain their weight and others who need to GAIN weight. Exercise is also key to being healthy! What I would like to try and do is make this a blog that is more about tips and ideas and options. 

     DO post or ask about exercises; indoor, outdoor, chair,-bound bed-ridden.
     DO share healthy recipes.
     DO share food/drink substitutes.


So. If you're interested in me doing this, please Like the blog or make a comment or send me a PM.



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Soooo.... In Zoodles THERE ARE STILL CARBS. They're lower. But they're actually considered a slightly "startchy" veggie. it's just in a more balanced amount. So while I agree you cant' cut food groups and sticking to your macros is important. making smarter choices is also important! So go Ani!!!!

I vote this is started ASAP.

Side note, having a super productive day.  Morning run witht he pups (only negative was when poor big pupper got tired so I slowed the pace for him some... So little pupper got bored of the pace and tried to attack his tail instead...), morning yoga, like I'm on a roll Biggrin And weights during lunch! Getting my rhythem back again!!!

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What I TRIED to tell my sister is that I was NOT trying to cut carbs - I was trying to eat more veggies!

I'm laughing over the tail attack! I had a dog who - as a pup - would chase his own tail. I would have the end of his tail in my hand and shake it and he'd tried to bite it. And the tail chasing began! Good ol' Vaalea!

Good for you, PA! I need to GET a rhythm. Mine is simply "Aniki Is Dragging Arse".

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Good for you!!! Biggrin I LOVE me some veggies!!!  Roommate homie asked why I was always chopping veggies just yesterday. LMAO.

She's a character! It's adorable... But also poor large pupper was wondering why the heck he was getting his tail eaten!

I'm only on day one... But it feels great so far!

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Haha! I wouldn't consider pasta a food group and you can absolutely cut it completely out.

I have been doing awful and really need to get back on track.

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She was actually talking about carbs! Pasta is a YUGE weakness for me (and her!). Something I tried last week that was successful:

I took one square of lasagna and cut it in half. One half went over a cup of zoodles. The other half went over a cup of chopped broccoli. BOTH were yummy and I ate veggies instead of stuffing myself with pasta.

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There is nothing wrong with pasta - it is metabolised to glucose.
Problem only exists if you are intolerant of wheat, diabetic or loading it with unhealthy sauces which can pile on  the calories.

There are good carbs and bad carbs and in this case, I would take a bowl of pasta over a bowl of strawberries...
Only really bad carb is fructose - unless it is eaten in the form of whole fruit/veg which has fibre as well.

I am in on this idea for a weekly blog, Aniki. 
Thank  you for starting it Smile


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Letti, I think there is a problem when you will eat a Pound of Pasta bowl - something of which my sister is guilty!

Strawberries or Pasta... that's a toss-up and depends on my mood. 

Glad to hear it - thanks! Smile

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Oh goodness! (Nicer version of what I said when I read "pound of pasta bowl")
Hehe, thanks for explaining that, Aniki, because I get it now.

Truely, thank you for proposing this blog, Aniki,  especially because to me, "food is medicine".
Through food and proper eating, you can improve your overall health.
I know you will do a great - and tasty - job of it, Mrs Finn Smile

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Oh, yes. Food is medicine. I self-soothe with food. My emotions revolve around food. Or should I say, my emotions dictate what foods I eat.

Thank you! I'll do my best!!!

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I'm in!  I want to lose weight and not cut out food groups.  All my clothes are tight and winter is coming :(  I need to eat better and start working out again!  I lost all my mojo!  Also, I don't care if you want to cut out a food group.  I won't yell at you for it Wink

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Please don't yell at me - I might cry. And you don't want to see me cry unless you're trying to scare small children! lol

Like you, I have also lost all of my mojo. Where's the time machine? Where's Mr. Bigglesworth? Did Fat Bastard steal my mojo?!

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I like this, I walk on a treadmill with weights about 3 times a week, and I try to eat healthy portions, my biggest problem is wine, I love to drink wine and I am doing dry November to see if that helps with some weight loss.

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A dry Nov. God bless you!!! I gave up wine too. Well I switch to vodka and diet soda. Or rum with diet coke. I love red wine and those calories add up with wine. I could drink a bottle myself. I think the biggest thing is healthy portions on food and libations.

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Lol I'm trying it, no guarantees. So far I am on day six and no complaints, but it's usually the weekend that I enjoy to open a bottle and indulge, so we shall see what happens come Friday.

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Queen, a friend of mine gave up beer on January 1. She drinks vodka (variety of flavors) and club soda.

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I like vodka and soda but for some reason vodka makes my face numb. And I mean just one drink it happens.

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I'm not much of a cook, so I tend to fall back on the easy, prepackaged, frozen, carb-ladened meals.  I know better & will occassionally throw in a healthier option.  However, I read some of the healthy meals others make so casually & feel a bit guilty/overwhelmed.

I need to clear out my basement freezer & call a do-over. Hate to waste all that freezer-burned mear, though.

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I'm a good cook, but am simply exhausted. I know that it's part depression and part stress, but that doesn't keep me from being pooped!

I'm hoping folks will post some quick & easy (queasy?!) meals for those without a lot of time. Or for those who don't have strong cooking skills.

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I have a brilliant grocery behind me & I can spend $$$ on ingredients that are unusual & probably delightful. Unfortunately they sit in my cupboard, lost, for years. (I.e. Chinese 5 spice.)

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I hear that. I ambitiously plan things out - then am too exhausted to follow through. 


1) Professional chef who cooks healthy meals that don't taste healthy who will work for free.

2) Someone to follow Aniki around and slap the bad foods out of her hands.

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I'm in!

I love cardio, hate weight training but force myself to do it, live for long hikes and bike rides, you'll pry my wine and craft beer out of my cold, dead hands, and my hippie ass will eat all the veggies but will never count a macro (but more power to ya PA!)

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Gimmy, that's like no one is prying my Very Small Batch Bourbon out of mine!

I desperately need to START exercising. My workk schedule has been crazy (OT and varied hours) and I'm freakin' POOPED. 

And I am SO sick of hearing "you'll have more energy if you exercise!" Beeyotch, if I HAD energy to exercise, I wouldn't be fat!