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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, STalkers! I don't know about you, but I started this week 'off'. I was sick over the weekend (some kind of stomach virus) and still feeling Blah. I don't even have the energy to get around at my normal walk-run pace. Aniki needs a nap! And me needing a nap means I'm still not 100%.

What do YOU do after an illness when you're not 100% and out of energy? Give it more time? Or try to push it?

Personally, I'm NOT a fan of pushing it because I've ended up with a nasty relapse, so I tend towards caution. I'm about to get on a 2-hour teleconfernce, so will try to do some desk exercises.

How goes it with you?


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I'm AWFUL at staying down long enough to recover.  I tend to be sick longer because of it... But can't convince myself to slow down... My policy has always been walk it off... Even if I can't reasonably walk it off... (see torn ab, spiral fractured foot, bursa and IT band issues, and general sickness)

One day I'll convince myself to stay down like you... You recover WAY faster! Good for you for taking care of yourself!!!

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PA, I was like you and did too much, too soon - but that was back before the Earth's crust cooled...

I'm too tired to do anything fast except type!

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On the new diet, really haven't been sick at all but who knows after Easter?  Try not to push it but then life happens!!!  "Get some rest"!"  (yeah right)

Now mostly fasting after Easter festivities!!!!

Leidy's ham with gingersnap crust

Asparagus and green peas with hollandaise

Potato gallette

Rosemary, thyme, mint and garlic marinated lamb chops (grilled)

Carrot and Raisin salad

Coconut cake (from fresh coconuts) with lemon curd and raspberry filling, 7 minute icing

Homemade banana ice cream

Trip to the local chocolatier


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Ham with gingersnap crust?! I've never heard of such a thing! Shok

Do you have a recipe for the coconut cake and icing that you're willing to share? Pretty please, with chocolate on top?


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i marinate the ham in cherry cola

Cake is Jamie's coconut cake recipe on sans the filling, substituting lemon curd and seedless raspberry preserves.   For the coconut, I use Alton Brown's method of draining the coconut water, placing in oven for about 15-25 min at 375F till cracked.   Open and grate.

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I do not like being sick, and it takes a bad one to get me knocked down to the bed/couch.  It's been a while thank goodness!

To recover, I drink lots of mint tea/honey.  Get hyrated.  I won't jump back into my full workout routine but will start with a shorter stint but still get moving.  Early to bed.  Quiet time, a lot of that.

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Cover, it sucks! I've been drinking water and gatorade like crazy. Even skipped my usual coffee for some herbal tea (mint) to soothe my stomach. I tried going to bed early last night (after a quiet evening), but tossed and turned until after midnight. Likely because I slept so much over the weekend. Blech.

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Thank you, sweetie! My stomach is still feeling "off". Maybe I'll have some cereal for dinner.