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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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Ix-nay on the oning-tay. It's a Terribly Tubby Tuesday for me, STalkers. The boss brought in FIVE DOZEN DONUTS to welcome aboard the new employees. With less than 3 hours of sleep, Bad Aniki snagged 2 donuts to fight the craptastic aftereffects of insomnia. On the flip side, it's so bloody hot in here, that we're all sweating it off. Well, some of 'it'.

Speaking of sweating...

Who remembers when people (mostly women) wrapped themselves up in Saran Wrap or wore some vile suit and laid out in the sun to SWEAT OFF THE POUNDS? In-freakin-sane!

Some people luuuuuuuv to sweat. Some are indifferent. Some LOATHE sweating. If sweating was an Olympic sport, I'd be in contention for the Gold. Can you tell I am NOT a fan of sweating?

My preferred exercise is swimming. If I'm going to sweat, I may as well be soaked to the skin. No sweating with swimming, it's easier on my aging joints, and I can feel my stress floooooowwwwing out my fingertips and toes and I cruise through the waves.

Sweating. Yay or Nay?


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LMAO. I just ordered new thermogenics this morning... I'm alright with sweating tbh. Swimming is still my favorite though!!! Especially since I'm probably sweating super bad, but I'll never know!

I've been REALLY good about getting back to the gym. My muscle recovery tracker is lit up like a Christmas Tree right now. I LOVE that!!! Been eating fairly decent too. This fasting diet I'm trying out with DH makes me moody though... We eat 1-9... By noon I want to eat people's faces... It's been an issue. But I've giving it a solid try before I throw in the towel and go back to eating a million times a day.

Sweating is yay. I take pre-workout and thermogenics to help increase the sweat during a workout. I do however have to admit... I have to shower ASAP after a hard work out. I hate the feeling of the dried on sweat... BLECK!

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PA, I definitely feel like I could peel off a layer of sweat comparable to canvas after a hot summer day of sweating. BLECH!

Psssst..... I would probably eat my freakin' fingernails!

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I do too! It's disgusting... Yesterday after the gym I was dripping and thoroughly disgusted lol.

Don't tempt me Aniki. I get crazy hungry!

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I hate sweating and being hot, which is also why I hate excercise!

Your Saran wrap comment made me think of the advice given to woman in a book published in the 1970's to greet their husbands's at the door wrapped only in Saran wrap. I think it was in "Total Loving" by J, and it was advice on how to make your life love better. She also wrote "The Sensous Woman" which helpedwomen discover their own sexuality.

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Sex and Saran Wrap??? Bahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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 ifeel like the advice was just an elaborate prank she was trying to pull. LMAO

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Damn I sweat like crazy. Look like I jumped in the river and just got out. But I like sweating. Make me feel like I'm getting a good workout.