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OT - Tone-Up Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, STalkers! The way my day is going, it feels like Monday 2.0. Blech.

Let's talk about BAD weight loss/workout habits.

One of my coworkers has lost 75 pounds. Kudos to him! BUT... the ways he's gone about it is awful.

  • He eats 600 calories a day.
  • He eats those 600 calories in one meal at 5pm.
  • He only drinks 16-24 ounces of water ALL DAY LONG.


  • He fails (refuses?) to understand why he gets dizzy when he stands up too fast.
  • His complexion is a pasty-gray.
  • He is constantly sick, catches EVERY bloody thing that comes around, and is sick longer than anyone else


Please share some UNhealthy eating/workout habits!


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Hola Aniki!!

Restricting himself like that is very unhealthy. Has anyone brought this to his attention of course only out of concern?  Some people go from one extreme to the other I hope he finds a happy & healthy balance before he has another dizzy spell and has to be admitted.

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Hola, Siempre!

People have tried to talk to him, but all he cares about is losing weight as quickly as possible. Why? So his wife can no longer call him "you fat slug". I bluntly told him that he has bigger problems than being overweight, but... I guess insults are her love language...

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"Fad diets"

If you don't change your lifestyle to something reasonable and stick to it, then your body grows accustomed to the "fad diet." The SECOND you quit it, you gain the weight back really quickly.


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DingDingDingDingDing!!! He is CONSTANTLY talking about food - especially all-you-can-eat buffets. Once he reaches his desired weight, I foresee it FLYING back on.

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Well all you can eat buffets are delicious...

But really he needs normal calorie counts. Also he's probably going to make himself sick when he starts eating again... His body won't be able to process that much!!!

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That's scary, has he seen a doctor, sounds like there might be more going on than just extreme weight loss.

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But adviiiiiiiice... it's just a basic diet! He doesn't need to see a doctor!!! People have tried...

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That guy is a dead man walking. He burned  through 75 pounds of muscle coz the body will eat the protein stores  ,meaning muscle, before the fat if there is not enough protein intake in the form of food  to maintain muscle when reducing .

And OMG his poor intestinal tract ! His poop must be as hard as concrete  w/o enough liquid intake not to mention that colon stuffed  with old crap that can't move out . Where did he learn such awful dietary habits?   


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Wicked, he hasn't burned through all muscle. You can definitely see he has lost fat. But not in a healthy way.

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Is he lifting weights and body building  to show muscle ?..I bet not.

I have a relative who counsels clients on body building.You have to eat to lose weight ~  good food high in the best protein sources   to maintain muscle while dropping fat in order to shred and show the muscle.And no less than 1200 to 170 calories a day .And it is alot of good food if one is body building.

If one is weight lifting to bulk huge muscles  even MORE food is required.  I could not believe the meals required. And these guys cook all their own.No supplements .

THis office guy is looking at an ambulance ride  or a  toe tag.I hope not but pasty grey skin  does not sound healthy and I bet his skin hangs like 3 sizes too big  on him under his clothes. He may have lost fat but first his body ate muscle.

And  muscle and fat that got burned off the "bad " way  could lead to metabolic and health  failure down the road. 

Wait a minute..This guy ain't on the Jared Subway diet is he?



Pray you never see him with his shirt off ,Ani, as the horror of  it will scar your memory for life! 


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Not my circus; not my monkey.

I didn't intend for the blog to focus on this one guy. I wanted people to talk about OTHER unhealthy stuff! Pleasantry

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Oh! Ok!  This guy I find   scary interesting . LOL

Cigarrette smoking and   a diet strickly of  vodka with a lime for vitamin C is carcinogenic. 

Eating partially hydrogentated corn oil and fried food  equals atherosclerosis ,stroke and heart disease.

But donuts,IMHO,  are exempt from being taboo. Like an apple a is Okay! lol




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One a Day Like a Vitamin is OK..Just spend an extra half hour in the gym.LOL

Sooo worth it if it is a maple glazed donut.Right?


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My boss is on the coffee, nicotine and jolly rancher diet. He drinks nothing but coffee, smokes like a chimney and sucks on jolly ranchers all day...and he never feels good. Gee I have no clue why?

One of his co-horts tries very hard to mimic his diet and mostly succeeds, but has succumbed to eating goldfish out of a huge box in their office.

They are both very skinny and yet they are always sick and complaining about body aches and pains. The one who succumbed to the goldfish as a pay off always walks by my desk and looks at my lunches or snacks and goes "god that looks so good, I could never make stuff like that."...yeah because a salad with tomatoes, avacado and chicken is so outside the scope of a novice chef...eye roll!

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At first, I thought you meant eating LIVE goldfish! LOL

I swear, some people act like they cannot use a knife to cut a damn thing.