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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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Sorry I'm so late... This is day 2 of the week from Hades.

How's it going with you? Are you up? Down? Trying to get the feeling again?

Love to hear what's working for you, what's not. Success, failures...

I'm failing. Doc had me on steroids which caused me to scarf down food like a starving Jabba the Hut. I haven't stepped on a scale, but my waistband is tighter. Dammit!!!

Salad for lunch today and watermelon for dinner. Trying to get back on track. 

Hope you're having a good day! If not, I hope it improves. <3


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Only watermelon for dinner? Sad face. I always feel energized after a walk with my fur babes then I try to do yoga or at least some leg/ back stretching. I have been eating like a cow, especially now that I'm less nauseous and I'm glad I can bring out the granny sweaters in a couple short months! I need to get back into strength training, though, because my arms, bum, and legs feel flabby. No baby bump yet at 14 weeks but the alcohol binging I was doing earlier this year definitely kept my extra 15 lbs on. Wish I'd lost it before TTC.

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Glad to hear your nausea is retreating.

I luuuuuurrrvvv good watermelon, so it's a treat!

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I love good watermelon, too. And pears, plums, and cherries. And key lime pie! Someone posted a recipe here a day or two ago and that's all I've wanted.. Goodness, I have food issues lol

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Nice Barry Manilow referance!!

Black diamond watermelons are out in my area. Now I want some!

I just started walking with some of gals at work. Keeps me from setting on my butt!

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I was listening to Barry last night! Lol

Good for you! People at my work walk too slowly - they want to talk. Not helping!

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I started Beach Body on Demand and am on day 15 of 21 days.  I tried to start eating better before actually committing to the group also.  I haven't had soda in over a month!!!! This is huge for me.  I was worried about the portions for this 21 day fix program but I honestly have had trouble eating as much food as they allow.  I also love that the program doesn't cut out huge food groups like some "nutrition/diet" plans.  I have so much more energy and it is awesome :)  I have only lost 2lbs. but I feel like I have toned a lot.  I will take my measurments again in 6 days to see if I have lost inches (which I believe I have).  Most importantly, I feel sooooooooooooooooooooo much better about myself!  I had lost motivation but now I have it again Smile

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Yes, feeling better helps make the process easier to continue!  Also in the support group on fb we are all saying 3 things we are grateful for everyday.  Seems silly but it really has helped me to shift to a much happier mindset Smile

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Haha, just "wejghing" in to say I regret all the delicious junk I ate over the weekend because I'm retaining water & feeling like such a total heifer today. Ugh.

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It was the coconut cream pie that pushed me over the edge this weekend. Feeling much more normal today; drank tons of water yesterday and ate really healthy, so even waking up feels better than Monday or yesterday. 

Planning another healthy day today. Always better than waiting until I'm hungry & impulsive!

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Moving Process means I haven't made it to the gym this week... But I have already been single handedly moving boxes... So that shoudl count?... I may have used sleeping pills... WHich he willingly took since he struggles getting comfy with the ankle... Tonight he's in class so I'm hoping that the skids and I can get a little box moving done and some packing!

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Well gals, had my check-up 2 weeks ago and I am full blown diabetic now on insulin....I had a BS of 295 and 10.8 A1C- I have made DRASTIC diet changes and lifestyle sucks.  Testing all the time, learning about carb counting.  Everything takes 10 times longer (shopping, cooking, prepping, etc).  Just when I though my life couldn't get shitter it did.  The only positive is that I will start feeling better soon....and my numbers have been steadily improving.  Fasting BS this am 128 Smile


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Good improvement bananaseedo!!! I'm sorry it's been so rough, but you got this!!! You're strong and determined!!! *give_rose*

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I've known many, many people who lost the weight and got off their blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes insulation... all without exercise, simply by changing what they eat. The shopping, weighing, measuring, prepping... seems annoying but you are worth it! "Clean" eating without boxes, bags, or sugar will free you from your symptoms and I want to encourage you. Feeling physically well is worth it and I hope that you remember that just for today, you can do it. 

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I agree with StepUltimate.  I have been trying to eat "clean" with my new nutrition plan.  It is a pain to do all the shopping and prepping but I've been doing it for about 3 weeks and I feel so much better.  I have so much more energy.  I no longer have heartburn.  It is worth it to put in the effort.  You are worth it Smile

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I (and some people I know) have "walked" our blood pressure down to normal numbers and eliminated the need for medication.

We're here for you, banana!

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but would like to drop about 13 more pounds to reach a reasonable goal.