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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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It's that day again. Time to talk about how we're doing, successes, failures, get some tips and support, and talk health!!!

What do you wear when you work out? Do you like to sweat and wear sweats and long sleeves? Do you prefer loose-fitting or body-skimming clothes?

No long, flowing pants. Last night, I caught my toe in the hem of my lounge/palazzo pants and took a header into the love seat. Poetry in motion, baby!

I have slush for blood and absolutely LOATHE sweating. So for me, less is better. I prefer cooler, body-skimming outfits: knee-length yoga pants, tank tops, and (essential!) a headband because I sweat like an Olympic gold medalist. As for shoes, I prefer mule tennis shoes when I can get away with them. Otherwise, footie socks and canvas tennis shoes so my feet can breathe. Yep. Temps in the 20s and Aniki will be half nekkid. LOL!


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I'm still failing at eating better :(  Ugh!  Plus now it is more of a tight budget problem than a motivation problem.  I don't get paid again until the 9th!  Ahhhhh!!!! So I'm getting creative with what I have!  Once I get paid though I plan on eating better Smile

When I work out I like yoga type pants and tanks and sports bras.  I have these under armor yoga capris that are my favs b/c I also sweat a lot and it isn't as noticble in them.

LOL, that sounds like something I would do with the toe and the hem of your pants!  Be careful!  I'm clumsy and run into things ALL THE TIME!

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I need a nutrition/excercise crew. People who will:

  • Cook healthy foods for me
  • Follow me around and smack the bad foods OUT of my hands
  • Drag my arse, kicking and cursing, into the gym and MAKE me work out

If you need help being creative with food, there are folks here who will help!

I have said for years that my middle name should be Clumsy!

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almost all the meals now (except for my holiday meals)  He is cooking himself up lots of fattening foods and then a secondary small diet meal for me!  LOL.   I do have to weigh in every day and text my nutritionist with the findings!  (Groan!)

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My DH hates to cook. He will if he absolutely has to, but it would be easier to defang a snake!

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His dad loved to cook as well and was essentially was Mr. Mom for awhile.  Although Chef's Dad was a Construction/Handyman/Builder extraordinaire as well.   He had a bad accident at a factory where they made neon signs/glass blown signs and instruments and was disabled so Chef's mom went to work instead.  Chef's dad stayed home and cooked for the large brood (an actual huge blended family!)

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I'm jealous that you have a Chef thinkrice!  Getting my SO to cook is like pulling teeth...unless his dear daughter is there but even then it is one of 3 things: biscuits and gravy, chili or chicken strips with mac n cheese.  Of course he has to make things she will like!

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Funny, I just told my SO the other day that I would do so much better if I just had a life coach/assistant to follow me around and do things for me and make me make better decisions!  

I'm so tired of being a responsible adult that has to decide on dinner and work and all this crap!  

I literally walk into walls and desks all the time :/  It is ridiculous!  I was never good at sports!

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the only thing Chef has taken off my "to do" list.

I work 40+ hours at my regular job

Support a muncipality on my "off hours"

Manage Chef's business (bookkeeping/accounting/taxes/advertising/collections/billing)

Do 90% of the household work (cleaning, pet care, plant care, lawn care)

Do all the NON business financials (running the household)

So yeah, he can cook and clean the kitchen if he likes (he doesn't clean to my specifications but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth)

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In fact I just asked for an extension on my PHP course because it is just too hectic right now.  Especially at my regular job where we are, all things considered, down 3 people in the dept.  Of course we have a few people who are "leaning on the shovel" but I can't do anything about that.

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I'll wear virtually anything to workout. As long as the bottoms aren't going to fall down and I have a sports bra and either a t-shirt or tank top on I'm game! I prefer for them to be tighter fitting, but I'm not too picky as long as I have shoulder mobility. I have an unusual amount of workout clothes... And my daily dress is kind of a "I put in some effort! Almost... But then I needed to be sure I could take off running at a whim..." That's just how i'm comfy...

Running shoes though I'm picky as s*** about... 9/10 I prefer Nike (I'll try others on, these just feel right!) I need them to be flexible and light-weight and have enough padding to last at least a few months of weight lifting and running. And they have to breathe, none of that super thick fabric that causes my foot not to get air and to get all hot and sweaty.

Oh also! Puma socks are my favorite. The athletic ones with the compression :) 

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Any clothing that falls down or out of place is annoying!! I already hate sweating and having to adjust pants/bra straps/socks would make me even crankier.

I wore Nike for a lot of years (especially when I was in track & field). However, I switched to Reebok about 20 years ago. The ONE time I tried another shoe (Skechers - and I usually LUV me some Skechers), I hated them with a passion.

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I had these running pants... I went to the gym and was having to pull them up while running... They weren't ever seen again...

I've tried on some Reebok. just love my Nikes! Of course I'm also the person hopping around the store to test out the running shoes... LMAO

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My nutritionist has determined it is time for me to re-introduce new foods.  Yes I was naughty during Easter!  Anyway I've lost about 25 lbs now.  So the transition phase is to hold that for the next 30 days or so.  She has assigned me 1800 calories a day which seems like a LOT!!  Waaay too much for a semi-sendentary post menopausal female. . .

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but you have to introduce them one at a time to determine if they are foods to avoid.   Almonds springs to mind. 

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The only part of me that seems to sweat is the back of my neck and top of head.  Its annoying and I hate the feel of it.  

I have a pair of under armour capris (the ony capris I will wear) that I work out in.  And a tshirt.  I wear Nike Roesche the lift of them help me from getting calf cramps.

I've only lost about 6 pounds but I think it may be that I'm toning up my fat since I do a half hour with the bow flex. 

I have also come to the conclusion that SO is trying to sabotage my weight loss goals.  He keeps plying me with the buttery crab legs and beer knowing I will suck and sip regardless of the tears that fall.  *mosking*


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Chef started that initially, however I put the emphasis on health and fighting GIRD which has kept his sabotage at bay.  He has questioned my nutritionist and proclaimed several foods as "healthy" that weren't on my original list though


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I tell him I'm on to him and he gets the "look how cute I am look" and I can't help but shut it.  He has the bluest eyes.  LOL

He also needs to lose at least 50 pounds that he put on and will help with his blood pressure.  He's a solid German man so he thinks if it doesn't jiggle its not fat.


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I am primarily a head/face sweater and it annoys the crap out of me!!

Crab legs.... I've been dreaming of some homemade crab alfredo. Dash 1

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I'm a hot yoga addict so I wear as little as possible, sports bra & yoga briefs. I also run though & for that, tighter long pants, I generally prefer high waisted 90 Degree by Reflex & a sports bra, add a sleeveless top if running in the neighborhood. I love Fila Trail Runners, I know they're a crap shoe but I cannot embrace Hoka One One's at $150 per pair when I run 400 miles every 3 months.

More important than what I wear to work out...I just bought a size XS bathing suit!

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I read "90 degree" and started sweating. HOT yoga. I would be crying before the class started!

XS?!?! Congratulations!!!! (Psssst... wanna come and train an old fat gal? lol)