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OT - Thankful Tuesday

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Yes, it's Tuesday. But Thursday is a holiday so I'm ahead of the game.

During the holiday season, there always seems to be so much added stress. It can be very easy to get lost in all of the madness. Nothing like more pressure when you're already feeling squished, huh? Don't get too caught up in the hustle and bustle to forget what is truly important to you and yours. Most especially, to your health - both physical and mental. Take a minute or three and reflect. WTH, take half a day. 

While I am always grateful for the common things in life (home, car, job, etc...), today I want to focus on people for whom I am thankful:

  • My DH. He is not often a man of many words and he is certainly not one for flowery romanticism. But he loves me deeply and shows it in countless ways.  There are times I cannot see what's virtually right in front of me. But my DH can and he helps me make the decisions that are best for me and my sanity.
  • My family. In terrible times, we pull together. For us Finns, blood is most definitely thicker than water and the call of that family blood is strong. We don't always get along - hell, sometimes we don't even like each other - but when the chips are down, we all know that it takes only one phone call to have family at your side. No questions, no judgement. Just lots of love and support.
  • My online family. That means YOU. You people amaze me. Yeah, you can frustrate me, too. Just like my blood family. The comments on the blog I posted yesterday, the PMs and personal emals I received. All of the support, the kind words, the regard... You truly humble me. I am very thankful for you.


From my home to yours, I wish you Happy Thanksgiving and hope your day is filled with love and blessings.



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Aniki~ I am thankful on this Tuesday for your wonderful posts and you are always a breath of fresh air. I am thankful for my sons who keep me on my toes & make me so proud as their mother. If they only knew just how profound my love for them is.....

I am thankful for my beautiful sister. Our bond has become stronger over the years and would never trade that for anything in the world. My H is pretty awesome too Biggrin

I am thankful for Step Talk...You all make me laugh, shock me *shok*, annoy and frustrate but NEVER disappoint. For the most part I read some good advice and taking in others experiences has helped me greatly in my journey. So with that I want to thank you all.

Happy Holidays darlin's and don't allow ANYONE to steal your JOY

Give rose

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Muchas gracias, Siempre! That breath of fresh air is obviously coffee-scented... 

I am thankful for my best friend, who is also my sister. Over the decades, we have damn near developed our own language. All it takes is a single word to bring scores of memories and laughter. 

Bendiciones para ti, amiga!

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I am thankful for my DH.  He deals with my neuroses (I have bad OCD), listens to me, never tells me to pull myself together.  And in the last 5 or 6 years has developed good boundaries with regard to the shennanigans of NPD BM and the SDs.  Although he spent many years taking shit, he now doesn't any more, he throws it right back at em.  

I am also thankful that we have the money, mainly thanks to him and his careful pension provision, to be looking for a bigger house, after spending 13 yrs in one that is slightly too small, certainly it is when visitors come. The reason we are here is that he overpaid CS for many years out of choice and a sense of duty, but now it is our time.  

I hope all the USA people on the site have a lovely and SKID stress free Thanksgiving on Thursday (it is Thursday isn't it? lol) 


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Kes, I also have OCD and my DH is a very understanding about it. 

Best of luck in the search for your newer, bigger home! xoxo

Pssssst, yes, Thanksgiving is this Thursday.

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Thank you Aniki for this early post. I am thankful for so much this year, but honestly I am mostly thankful that it's close to being over, lol.

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You're welcome, advice!

30 days 'til the annual madness ends. Not that I'm counting...

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Thankful for you!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours ox 


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I'm thankful that I love Special Kitty so much, because I forgot to lock up the nice sourdough boules I bought for stuffing and he ate part of both of them.   That cat is such a d*ck.  

Thankful that I get to see DD this year for Thanksgiving, that we have enough on our table and a roof over our heads.  

Also thankful for the amazing women on and off this board who have helped me deal with the holidays so much more effectively than I have in the past. 

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Special Kitty did not tell you that Auntie Aniki encouraged him, did he? He may be d*ck, but he's a SPECIAL d*ck!   >^..^<

Gimmy, so often, you are a cool compress on an aching wound. xoxo

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Girl, I'm not going to spend Christmas Eve weeping this year and that has so much to do with you and the others.  I'm feeling OK with not seeing my family for Thanksgiving because as much as I miss them and want things to be different, they won't be. 

You've taught me so much with steplife too.  You've made me less critical (most of the time lol), more forgiving, better able to set boundaries without malice, and taught me to appreciate my DH's empathy by the way you and your DH have handled your big hearts.  Your example of style and grace has been immensely helpful.

Ugh, that feline felon also "remodeled" my couch, I will send you a picture. 

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Oh my goodness, such eloquent praise! ! I think you're making out to be better than I actually am! 

FTR... family is not always blood. Sometimes it's who is in your heart. You, my dear Gimmy, are most definitely a sister of my heart.

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I am Thankfull for:

1. My DH, and his really large family who for the most part has welcomed me with open arms.

a. Sister-in-law #1 who just bought a house a short distance from us and remodeled and gave us her door - which happens to be my "dream" front door - natural wood with a large glass oval with a nice design.

b. My DH's niece, who is such a dear soul who stopped by Sunday and we were able to enjoy each others company.

2. My GF, who is a problem-solver and chef who taught me about some of the finer things in life, like chocolate martinis, and getting the price tag glue off of glass, etc.

3. My Mother, and Father, who helped us buy our house and have givne me such a rich life full of memories and joy.

YOU Aniki! And all the other Steptalkers who have given me advice and virtual hugs when needed.

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CLove, that is a FULL list, indeed. And I am thankful for you, too. 

BTW, that martini mention has me craving an espresso martini...

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I'm thankful for:

  • Counseling
  • My furbabies
  • Cooking Thanksgiving to share with my furbabies (don't judge. LMAO.  They're going to get pumpkin treats and stuff and a little turkey, nothing crazy)
  • Family that understands my situation
  • My friend who works next door so I went over and we had lunch together!
  • A coworker who's letting me live with them!

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My darling Mr. P luuuuuuuuuuved turkey and pumpkin!