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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Thursday, STalkers! We're one day closer to the weekend. I was hoping to sleep in on Saturday, but the neighbors are having a yard sale. Sigh. Maybe Sunday...

I don't know anyone who has gone through life with minimal problems. We have all suffered through something (or multiple things) that are frustrating, agonizing, heartbreaking,... I suffer from depression and there are days when the Black Dog is not just nipping at my heels - he has climbed on my back and is weighing me down. There are days when it takes everything I have to get out of bed and MOVE. And since the death of my darling Mr. P, it's even harder to do. At times like that, I do my best to be thankful for the little things.

Little (big) things for which I am thankful:

  • I woke up this morning. Not everyone did.
  • Aside from a few, unnecessary things (appendix, tonsils...) my body is whole and functioning. I can MOVE.
  • My eyes may be weak, but I can see. Bonus: I can see in color.
  • I can hear. Sometimes more than I want....
  • My voicebox is fully functional and I can speak (although I sometimes chose not to).
  • I have privileges/abilities others do not:
    • I can drive and have a working vehicle
    • I have a job
    • I can read and write
  • There is food in the house, I know how to cook, and cook well.
  • I have a solid roof over my head and a good home. 

Most importantly, I have family and friends who are there when I need them. Who make me laugh when I want to cry. Who pick me up when I fall down. Who hold me close to keep me from self-destructing. 

I KNOW it's not always easy, Take a minute to think about the little things you have that others would give anything to have or be able to do. 

Peace and love, STalk family.


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Peace and love to you Aniki!

I am thankful today for another day here with those that I love and cherish.
I am thankful for a forum of people who do their best to help other's struggling through stephell.
I am so very very thankful we are no longer experiencing the angry earth.

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Happy Thursday, Aniki!

A coworker and I were having a conversation yesterday about fulfilling our dreams.  I am old enough to realize that I will not fulfill all of the dreams I had when I was younger. I will never be famous or "known" outside of my family and close friends. The road behind me is much longer than what lies ahead. I have had an ordinary life.  But in my ordinary life, I've known extraordinary sorrow, extraordinary joy and extraordinary love.  I'm thankful for another day to go on living this ordinary life of mine and thankful for those who have made parts of it extraordinary!

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Happy Thursday, Steppedonnomore!

I know that road of which you speak...

How funny - I was also just speaking with a coworker (Tuesday) about how dreams of youth will remain dreams. And while I have also lead an ordinary life, those extraordinaries of which you speak make that life absolutely priceless. <3

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I'm thankful to be alive, to have a job, food, a home, transportation, friends and best of

((Hugs)) to you Aniki. Let me know if I need to call in the dog catcher.

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FB, I have always thought that LOVE makes the world go 'round. Not money.

{{Hugs} back at you. Thank you for being there for me! xo

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I am thankful for my two healthy, gorgeous children. I am thankful that our house always has food and toilet paper (for some reason, having lots of toilet paper in the house makes me feel rich)! I am thankful we have a house. I am thankful we have running water. I am especially thankful my body works (after seeing my mother suffer horrifically with ALS, losing every single function from eating to walking to going to the bathroom). I am thankful I have a job that pays well and that can feed my family.

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I'm so sorry about your mom.  A friend of mine from the gym has ALS and I am heartbroken for her.  She has two teenagers who have stepped up in the biggest way for her. I did the Walk to Defeat ALS with her recently and her kids were amazing (and yes, truly) with organizing her team, making shirts, fundraising, etc.  I struggled not to cry the whole time.

I am also grateful for my health.  It's so easy to take it for granted.  I'm so lucky in so many ways.  

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Thanks, Gimlet! I've also done the Walk to Defeat ALS and it's both inspiring and so sad that so many people are suffering with ALS without a cure. My best to your friend and I hope hers doesn't progress quickly at all. Some are lucky in that way.

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Shellpell, you are very fortunate! There are those who take having a child for granted. Not everyone who yearns for a child is able to conceive or carry that child to term. And there are those who have children who are blind to the miracle and gift. 

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Thanks, Aniki! I was 41 and 43 when I had my kiddos (had a couple of good eggs left). Never thought I would ever get married and have kids, yet here I am.

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I have an extremely rare nerve disorder similar to ALS. Fortunately is usually does not progress as far as ALS although it can.

i am thankful that I can still transfer to the toilet,car, bed, etc without assistance. I am also thankful that I didn’t get this until I was in my 70s. I know of a young boy who came down with that at 4 years old. 

But most of all I am thankful for my wonderful husband who waits on me hand and foot with never a word of complaint. 

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So very glad to hear that your disorder doesn't progress as far as ALS! It was the most horrific thing I had ever witnessed. My poor mom was only 63 when she passed, after suffering for years.

My best to you. Smile

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Notasm, so glad you are still able to do those things for yourself. A friend of mine's husband has experienced several times of incapacity and he is not at all thankful once his abilities are back. 

Your DH reminds me of my Dad, who cared for my Mom thorughout her decline and thought only of her and her comfort. xo

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I do love your blogs. You are so insightful. I think hearing PA'S blog yesterday has made many of us understand that life can be hard, heartbreaking at times. We need to learn to pick ourselves up an just move on. Depression is real. This past year for me has been he!! and a blessing at the same time. I am a different person now and I am so thankful everyday. So here is my list.

1. I sleep thru the night.

2. I eat healthy again.

3. I trust my journey in this life of mine.

4. I know I can't control everything that happens to me.

5. I know I can only do the best I can at times.

6.I finally look forward to my future.

7.But most of all I am so thankful for all the simple things life gives me. I keep this close to my heart everyday.

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Hi queen!

PA's blog is what generated this Thankful Thursday. At times, it's all too easy to overlook the simple things that we often take for granted. Take your #1. I have been a chronic insomniac for over 40 years. Yes, years. I would love to sleep through the night!

Depression is real and it sucks! Life happens and changes us. It could be almost undected, slightly noticeable, or YUGE. I'm not the same person I was 30 years ago. Or 10. Or 5. I'm not the same person I was 2 months ago. Events occurred that shifted my perspective, my path, my life. 


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Hola Amiga!

I'm thankful for good health and a sound mind.

I'm thankful for a loving, strong and supportive family.

I'm thankful that in this life I'm always protected by a higher power.

I'm thankful for the insight that I read & gain on StepTalk and how you/we gather together to support one of our own when in crisis.

I'm thankful to see another day and get to do the damn thing all over again Biggrin

Hope you are well Aniki

Give rose


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Hola Siempre!

Oh, that sound mind. My mother suffered from Alzheimer's. In the end, she was non-verbal, non-mobile, and helpless as a baby. I am thankful every single day for a sound mind and pray I retain it.

Cuidate, amiga!

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Greetings All:

Im thankful for my job - it has enabled me to pay my bills and buy a house and buy everything I need plus a few cool things that I simply WANT. It has enabled me to feel joy at work again. It has enabled my DH to destress and find joy and not feel so downtrodden, even through challenges with Toxic Troll and Feral Forger. He can breathe again as we go through the journey of buying the house together, he can see all the opportunities and so can I, on the horizon of our future together.

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He was breaking out into hives and coughing a lot, and sneezing, was very stressed and short tempered. All those symptoms went away when I got my new job, and now through the house purchase. He is like a different person.

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I know how that is. I have a 'stress' hive that pops up. It changes location every now and again, but it's a single, YUGE hive that flares up when I'm stressed. My throat muscles compress and I sound hoarse. I was actually checked for esophogeal cancer!

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It is good to reflect on what one has than hasn't.It's positive power! 


Thankful for the reminder  that the HAVE column is longer than the HAVE NOT .

You rock,Ani.

Air kiss

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Yes, it is, Wicked. Although there are days it's not so easy to remember. 

So do you, hon! *give_rose*

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Thanks you, thank you for this, Aniki. I have been pretty down the last few days.

The Black Dog doesn't usually bother me much, but lately he's been staring at me. I don't want him getting too comfy. Coincidentally, lately I have forgotten my daily practice of being grateful for something and noticing beauty in something. Maybe it's not such a coincidence.

Today I am thankful for my DH, who sometimes has a whole pack of Black Dogs running after him. He really suffers. Sometimes he makes me crazy, irritated, and hair-on-fire nuts. But that man loves me and will do anything for me.

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I'm sorry you've been down. {{hugs}}

A whole pack... i think depression, anxiety, OCD, and ADHD could qualify. New perspective.