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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Whose enjoying VD? Yes, I DO mean Valentine's Day. First of all, I disagree that VD is strictly for lovers. Not everyone has a significant other. Some people call this Singles Awareness Day (one of my nephews). Others call it Singles Appreciation Day (my sister). Regardless, there is no need to feel left out. Are your parents still around? Let them know you love them. Spend some quality time with your furbabies. Hang out with a friend. Enjoy the day!

My DH is typically UNromantic. His love language is Acts of Service. Installing a new well pump or rewiring the upstairs are the kinds of things he thinks of over flowers and candy. Occasionally, he remembers VD and buys a card and a box of candy; more often than not, he forgets because he rarely knows what day it is. So you can imagine my shock when I came home yesterday to flowers AND candy AND a LOVE key chain with a note that says "now you can carry my love with you wherever you go". I admit it... I got choked up and a tear or two managed to sneak out. He called me on his break and I asked why today and not tomorrow. He has something else! Where is my DH and what have you done with him?!

Anyhoo, today I am thankful for:

  • my DH. He has an exhausting schedule and took a LOT of time to make a rare romantic gesture. When it happens once in a blue moon, it's all that more meaningful.
  • I'm seeing good results from my tortuous PT sessions with my sadistic therapist. I'm no longer gritting my teeth through the pain.
  • fresh produce. Yes, PRODUCE. Growing up, we didn't often have FRESH produce in the middle of Winter. An orange in our Christmas stocking was a YUGE treat and most of our veggies were canned; not fresh. I had a salad for dinner last night. Nom!
  • Cupcakes. Oh, yes, I went there! LOL! Aniki is craving a Salted Caramel Cupcake: dark chocolate cake, fudgy frosting, drizzled with rich  ooey-gooey caramel and sprinkled with sea salt. Aaaaaaahhh...


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I made cupcakes!!! I just finished decorating them. SO, who is not big into sweets, is eating them and loving them.

Funny, SO is similar in that acts of service is his thing. He grabbed me this morning, hugged me deeply and said how much he loves me. I then get a text from a girlfriend wishing me happy valentines day and when I mentioned it to SO, he said "Ooops, I forgot it was valentine's day"; which is not a surprise to me at all, but I was surprised by the big gesture of love this morning.

I am shocked about the prices of fresh produce lately. $3.99lb CAD for green peppers, c'mon. We have been eating a lot of frozen veg as we are having a hard time affording an abundance of fresh stuff, or simply, I refuse to spend that much on a green pepper. 

I'm thankful for:

- All those around me who keep me up. 

- All those around me who I help keep up.

- Love.

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DPW, what flavor of cupcakes???

I have actually been thinking about stuffed green peppers. $3.99 a pound - dang!

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I am an unromantic Acts of Service person myself, and I think VD is just a Hallmark Holiday.  I am having dinner with my Mom, and DH is having dinner with SS19 at our house.  Not because of VD, just coincidence.

I am grateful for DH understanding when I said I really don't want anything to do with SS right now, as I hate the way he treats DH like dirt and does whatever Mommy Dearest wants him to do.  I didn't get one "YOUHATEMYKID!",  just a hug and understanding.

DH is awesome and that's why I'm still here.

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Ugh, that PAS caca. Total suckage.

Hope you and your Mom have a great time!

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I don’t buy into the gifts & fancy dinners out for VD, but sometimes making a nice dinner at home & a dessert is just the ticket. 

Tonight I’m thinking a yummy pasta with spinach & a homemade sauce, and definitely a big batch of  cupcakes Wink no skids allowed! Hahaha j/k

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I'm thankful for:

  • Punching bags. They help me get out a lot of my agression so I can focus better on the less exciting things.
  • The gym
  • Treadmills so I can still run durign the dark hours of the night (no sidewalks and reckless drivers... I choose life... Even though I miss the roads!)
  • Asparagus, I'm craving it. I was gonna cook it tonight as a surprise for my DH (he loves it too). But he's working... So I guess that's not happening...
  • Heat: Ours is broken, and I MISS IT. The house was in the 50s last night and I wanted to strangle someone (Probably DH... He kept stealing all the blankets....)

We don't have Valentine's day plans... I left his gift on his nightstand for when he gets up... But then he has a VA appointment, then he goes to class, then straight to work... I won't see him until tomorrow night. So I get to spend the whole night with the girls. As long as they don't sit there reminscing like last year, I'll survive.

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Ooooooo, we lurv asparagus! With melted butter chock full of freshly minced garlic.

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It's yummy!!! I normally just toss mine in some olive oil, salt, pepper, and minced garlic!!!

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Well I do think Valentines Day is celebrated to acknowledge romantic love. But like all things these days, you have to include the kids or you're  a heartless ogre.  

I bought my dh a coffee mug that has hearts all over it and it says "Dear husband, thanks for all the orgasms! Love always, your wife." I suppose I should make sure SS doesn't feel left out and ask him if he'd like to use it first. Dirol

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Dammit, beebeel, I just snorked hot coffee up my nose!! LMAO!!!!!

Be sure to leave that mug for that lug, SS, to see. Diablo

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My DH and I are in separate states this week.   My best “gift” was one DH doesn’t even know I am aware of.   I had cameras installed everywhere after the horrid SS34 home invasion 2 years ago.

DH mentioned yesterday that SS had given him a ride home from an errand.  I could tell from the cameras that SS never so much as left his car. He didn’t even pull into the driveway. And he had to wait a few minutes for DH to go get him something. 

And yes DH knows the cameras are there. He’s the one who installed them.  So no SS in my home even if I am out of state. 

I really do not want to go out on Valentine’s Day. Not my thing. My father always bought my mother a huge box of candy the day after valentine’s when it was half price. 

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I don't care to go out for dinner on VD. Much too crowded. When VD falls on a weekend (and DH is not working OT), we have a nice, home-cooked dinner followed by DH's fave cheesecake that I make.

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Spreading LOVE to you all on this day StepTalkers.....

Spread Love Is The BROOKLYN WAY!!!! Biggrin

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Happy Valentines Day!

I am thankful to DH for giving me his Zpack to bring me back to health and taking such good care of me.

He is the only one that has called to check in on me and to ask me if I need anything.  Everyone else has called me to ask me to help them with something and not even bothering to ask how I feel, just sounding pissed because I am sick in bed.

He blessed me with a beatiful card and a new wind chime for my deck.  

I gave him a card, candy and a little key chain that says "Thank you for all the orgasms"  He LOVED it.  Just kept laughing and hugging me telling me I'm the best wife ever and his buds were going to be jealous!